can I upgrade?

  monkon2 20:39 28 Jan 2004

I have recently aquired a compaq desktop pro en series 6333/3.2

I want to upgrade this system to xp (currently on nt.4) but it only has 64 mb of ram, And a pentium 2 333mhz cpu. the hard drive is only 3gb but i can upgrade this part. (Ithink!!!)

my question is:

A: can i upgrade the memory and cpu?
B: What memory does it actually use?

thanks in advance for any help

  Sheila-214876 21:28 28 Jan 2004

Personally I don't think it would be a viable proposition, even if you could. I doubt very much whether you could put another CPU in. You might be able to add more memory but from experience Compaq uses their own memory (which in this case may be SIMM memory) and is a lot more expensive than generic memory. I also think that a 3gb hard drive would be pushing XP to it limits.
Only my opinion but someone else may think differently.

  Dazwm 21:32 28 Jan 2004
  monkon2 19:47 29 Jan 2004

thanks for the advice and links. with regards to the hard drive i have a spare 20gb one i can swap over so space wont be a prob. with regards to the ram, can xp run on 64mb even if it runs a bit slower? changing the cpu is not essential as it will primarily be for the kids home work and a bit of web surfing. if it wont run xp can you network xp and win 98 easily enough?

cheers again

  TommyRed 19:51 29 Jan 2004

My neighbour upgraded from W98SE to XP with only 64Mb of RAM, it wouldn't hardly run swo he put another 128Mb stick in and now it runs tickety boo. HTH TR

  monkon2 20:48 29 Jan 2004

good enough for me, ill look for some more ram before i do much else!!!! i have contacted compaq/hp for some details, hopefully i should hear something back soon

cheers again

  TommyRed 20:58 29 Jan 2004

Try to get your RAM from here click here they should tell you exactly what you need, either through the site or by phone. I got a stick of RAM locally which wouldn't work, I replaced it with some from Crucial, no problems at all. HTH TR

  josie mayhem 22:29 29 Jan 2004

I up-graded a compaq desktop pro last year.

Ram If I remember rightly, I stuck another 128 mb in, cheap from pcworld.

You won't have any problems with putting in the hard drive either.

Compaq have there own way of putting there machine togher though, and you will find that, when you take the cover off, to the right side is a pres this bit, and the shelf that the hard drive and cd-rom ect, tilts upwards towards you, and this type of action is thoughout the machine.

The psu unit is a angle thing at the back right hand side, it doesn't have a lead to the motherboard, but clip into it.

Had no problems with up-grading to win98se, but not sure weather you could push for xp though, and no way with just 64mb of ram.

Once you opened the cover you might find that it has been password protected, and when you try to reboot it stops, if it does this go into bios and clear password and then you are away.

If you go to ther web site you can get all the motherboard details, and anydown loads, take a bit of fathing around the site, but it is there it just takes some searching.

hope this helps

  josie mayhem 22:31 29 Jan 2004


I think you find that the psu is at it's limit, compaq tends not to be up-gradable friendly, motherboard = total psu speed.

  monkon2 22:30 12 Feb 2004

thanks for all info and links. now running pc100, 256mb sdram, a spanking new 40gb hard drive. seems to be working fine, so the kids tell me! now all i have to do is network the bugger's together.............

cheers all

  Migwell 00:41 13 Feb 2004

Bugger's ? Thought they were Compaq

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