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  2020 20:51 04 Sep 2005

i have a 4/5yr compaq deskpro en series 500mhz p3 10gb with 256ram runing xp home. i was going to get a bigger hard drive but i read a post about the maxium hard drive a compaq system would allow and just wonder if this option is available to me? what are the least expensive alternatives? i have a work laptop but wanted own puter to use for music, video and dvd creation from web and other sources.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:54 04 Sep 2005

Hard to tell:

specify product - HP Business Support Center
click here

Put in details here.

  jack 21:15 04 Sep 2005

As DD we need to know more about the machine.
But as a general rule large manufactures machines such Compaq, HP.Dell et al are some times manufctured in such a way so as to be not suitable for anything more than modest memory uplifting.
But we shall see

  2020 23:43 04 Sep 2005

i have gone to the site, looked at the support manual for model and haven't found anything that tells me what upgrade hdd is possible. don't really find it that easy to know what i'm supposed to be looking for, sorry to be dim

  Diemmess 09:03 05 Sep 2005

You are not being dim or you wouldn't have asked this help forum. Perhaps just hoping for something which doesn't exist.

If it is only a larger HD, while it may be possible to add an internal one (depending on what the Compaq parameters will allow) you could spend a little more and put a new HD into a powered case USB, and use it as an external HD.

You might also be able to add a lot more RAM but do use a firm like Crucial because they will be able to recommend in their online questionaire the exact RAM you should buy.

However if you want a faster CPU, think of a new build altogether, case, mobo and all.

  Fred the flour grader 11:17 05 Sep 2005

2020, I was restricted in the same way a few years ago. A guy in the forum called Flecc, helped me with great advice to get roundf it.

He informed me to get a ata pci controller card. It has it's own bios and it has two connectors but I could if I wanted,run four devices on it.

I bought it from Maplin in Oct 2002. I would have a look at their web site to see if they still sell them.

Good luck.....Fred

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