Can I unite my external and internal hard-drives..

  El_Dangeroso 20:44 28 Dec 2006

...via Windows XP.

I.e. is it possible to set Windows XP in such a way that it will use an internal hard-drive, and an external hard-drive connected via USB, as if they were only one large hard-drive within the system?

  howard64 20:45 28 Dec 2006

I doubt it as until the os has booted from the internal hard drive usb is not enabled.

  El_Dangeroso 21:02 28 Dec 2006

Sorry, I guess I didn't manage to explain myself.

I meant, if I added an external hard-drive to my system via USB, would Windows XP manage the files on my computer as if there was only one hard-drive - i.e. does Windows XP see an external hard-drive connected via USB as an extension of the existing, internal, hard-drive, or does it view it as a seperate hard-drive.

For instance, when installing a programme, would I be prompted to chose between the internal and external hard-drives for the location of it, or would the programme simply be installed as if only one hard-drive was active within my system?

  Iron Maiden 21:16 28 Dec 2006

Simple answer is no. You can with internal drives using either raid to span or converting basic disks to dynamic & then spanning the volumes. there is no way I know of to join a internal & external drive as one

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