Can I turn a broadband router off every night?

  Esc4p3 12:48 26 Feb 2008

I am looking to get broadband, and my wife is concerned about leaving the modem/router on all the time. Is it ok to turn the computer on along with the modem/router only when it is being used, and then turn it off at the end. Will the modem lose the connection when it is turned on again.?

Sorry for the daft question, never had broadband before....

  recap 12:51 26 Feb 2008

You can but it is not recommended as you say it may loose it's connection. It is best to leave it on.

There are no daft questions.

  wee eddie 12:51 26 Feb 2008

is turned On and Off all the time. In fact it's not necessarily on when the PC is on.

I have had no problems in the last couple of years, since I have had it.

  Clapton is God 12:52 26 Feb 2008

"Is it ok to turn the computer on along with the modem/router only when it is being used"


"Will the modem lose the connection when it is turned on again.?"

If by "lose the connection when it is turned on again", you mean "will it have to be set up again?", the answer is no

  recap 13:10 26 Feb 2008

If you simply power off the modem, your ISP may see this as a disconnection possibly due to a cable fault, poor line condition or such.

They may then reduce your connection speed on the basis that you are getting disconnections at the higher speeds.

If you do turn the modem off, ensure you turn it off using the router software.

  anchor 13:42 26 Feb 2008

I never turn mine off; I cannot see any reason to do so.

Surely it does not consume any significant amount of electricity.

  peter99co 13:42 26 Feb 2008

For over 4 years I have been turning both router and cable box off with a remote controlled 13amp socket which supplies both low voltage supplies
and had no problems and would love to know how problems could be caused. I may have to ask the ISP I deal with if have any concerns.

  stylehurst 14:06 26 Feb 2008

I always turn off both my cable modem & router at the end of a session. The only drawback is that it sometimes takes a couple of minutes for the router to boot up & synch when the power is turned back on.

  tullie 14:13 26 Feb 2008

The answer is turn it off if you want,i do every day,with one flick of a switch i turn off about six items,you would be surprised on the saving when nothings on standbye

  iscanut 14:40 26 Feb 2008

I use a Netgear DG834G roter and it is always turned off when the pc is turned off. It powers up again very quickly when I switch the pc back on. Have never been aware of any problems by doing this over the past couple of years.

  woodchip 15:28 26 Feb 2008

As recap above, it may take several day to get back to speed if you turn it off. It depends on the ISP I am with TalkTalk on a LULU connection so I turn mine of at night as it does not affect me

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