Can I transfer files using a parallel connector?

  Bramblerose 11:13 22 Jul 2003

I have a laptop running Win 98 and a PC running Win XP. In the past I have used Laplink to transfer files but the software I have is for Win 95!! I still have the yellow cable - is it possible for me to use the yellow cable to connect the laptop to the pc and transfer the files and if it is, would it show as another drive?

I don't have a CD writer on the laptop and the files are too big for a floppy. I am currently trying to do it by sending myself emails but its taking forever and is costing me money as I have to use a dial up with the laptop (the pc is on cable.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

on the xp machine go to start ,Help and support.type parallel in the search box then pick a task 'make a direct cable connection' and follow the instructions.

p.s.make sure both machines are powered doen when you attach the cable. the parallel port is not hot swappable. H.

  Bramblerose 12:07 22 Jul 2003

Have tried this and I get an error code 712 and a selection of ways to correct the error - none seem to work.

My PC is on a home network - does that matter?

Will delete the connection I have made and try again, I may have missed something.

  Bramblerose 12:12 22 Jul 2003

and I still can't connect.

  Bramblerose 14:21 22 Jul 2003

Could I use a USB cable - if so what kind would I need?

  stlucia 14:31 22 Jul 2003

My Laplink cable is blue. Does that indicate that it's wired up differently from the yellow one?

Another way round the problem is to use one of those little USB portable memory devices to transfer data from one computer to the other.

  Bramblerose 15:32 22 Jul 2003

but having spent most of the day having to dial up to transfer the files - I have just decided to buy one of those portable USB flash thingies. I was contemplating it a few weeks ago and wish I had done it then.

click here

Thanks for your help as always

  SEASHANTY 16:45 22 Jul 2003

Yep - these USB pendrives are fine for transferring files. Obtained my 128MB one from Blankdiscshop for
£23 which is a cheaper price than some of the other outlets. Goes by the name of "Ram Bo". Very handy for transferring files from one comp to another. Now have another of these Pen Drives from MicroDirect but whilst similar its different maker and cost slightly more. Both however come with a CD-Rom driver disc for WINDOWS 98 only.

  stlucia 08:40 23 Jul 2003

Most (maybe all) USB pen devices don't need drivers for any Windows beyond 98 because they have drivers built in.

  anchor 09:35 23 Jul 2003

Have a look at my posting on this thread; its the last one.

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