Can i test internal phone cables for errors?

  ACOLYTE 03:03 24 Aug 2006

I have been getting DC again just of late and I'm sure it is something to do with the phone line's,i have been on to BT and they ran a line test and say that it is fine but i know there is a problem somewhere,so if it is not outside line it has to be an internal fault,but i cant track it down.

It's funny because i can have the pc on all day connected to net but it always loses conn between 10/12 at night never any other time.

I thought getting a new router had sorted the problem but it has not and its starting to get very frustrating.

Im also getting fed up with BT and there attitude they dont seem to wont to know as long as there test's come back ok they dont seem to care,i am thinking of moving to the new skyBB package but i wont to sort this out first,any one have a starting point for testing internal cables?.

  STREETWORK 06:40 24 Aug 2006

If the PC is dropping the line connection at certain times of the day, it could be down to some software trying to access the internet, such as anti-virus updates. Check this and alter the update times to see if it is this.

  Graham. 08:44 24 Aug 2006

The only sure-fire way to rule out the internal wiring is to disconnect it.

Remove the lower part of the faceplate on the BT master socket. If all is wired correctly, this should disconnect your internal wiring.

Connect the router to the internal 'test' socket. It is OK to use a plug-in extension cable if necessary.

Prepare this in advance, so that at the appropriate 10/12 you can put it to the test.

  The Old Mod 10:18 24 Aug 2006

Hi Acolyte, I'm having the same problem, except mine is fine all day, and then I lose the dsl at about 9pm. BT asked me to connect the modem to the socket behind the faceplate of the master socket, this socket is free from all internal wiring. When I do this the modem then syncs ok. So I tested my internal wiring with an avometer, tested between lines, then did a continuity test on each line, found no problems. In case it was interference from my mains wiring, I turned everything off at the mains except the garage and fed the modem from there, still no good! On the pole outside where the BT junction box is, we have a Sodium street light, I covered up the light sensitive switch and brought on the lamp during the day to see if that was causing the problem, still no good. I've also done a mains voltage test, to see if the voltage drops at night, but no noticable problem there. The dsl lamp on my modem flashes after 9pm whether the pc is on or off. I shall keep giving this some more thought, I'll post if I manage to resolve. Good luck with yours.

  ACOLYTE 20:48 24 Aug 2006

I am working toward this but at the minute the pc is in the kitchen and main BT socket is in living room so i have to make room and move everything around including pc.

In the mean time i tried the silent line test from here click here and this gave no errors either,or none i could detect anyway.

  rick90 21:06 24 Aug 2006

acolyte,having line probs,I,ll try that. ;-]Rick.

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