can i tell if my internet activityis been recorded

  danny0001uk 12:00 08 Sep 2003



  bremner 12:07 08 Sep 2003

by whom

  danny0001uk 12:11 08 Sep 2003


  deke 12:15 08 Sep 2003

no one is watching only 116081 registered users!

take care and get back to work


  Jester2K II 12:18 08 Sep 2003

If you are surfing on work PC and they are networked then there is almost certainly some recording / monitoring software. No-one will be specifically watching YOU (Unless you have given them reason to do so) but they might do spot checks and get flagged when certain websites are accessed.

When at work, surf as it someone was watching over your shoulder...

  Simsy 12:20 08 Sep 2003

then, if the company is of any size, it almost certainly is being recorded, automatically.

Whether the records are being examined is another matter. I'm going to stick my neck out here and suggest that they wont be examined unless there s a reason to do so.

As usual, I defer to those more expert in this field, and am open to correction!



  Jester2K II 12:21 08 Sep 2003

Why not ask Work what their policy is?

  plankton 12:35 08 Sep 2003

"Work" should tell you what the policy is as to all computer access, including e-mail and the web.
Most companies will have a standard "build" for the software on the PC, and only the support teams will be able to tell what does what. Be careful of the sites you visit, coz they they usually have strict codes of discipline for anything they term as "misuse" or "abuse" of their property.

  Belatucadrus 12:36 08 Sep 2003

Safest policy is to assume that it is and avoid doing anything stupid. Jester2K II is right, a lot of companies have specific policies regarding employee use of corporate internet access and will tell you what it is if asked. Some also have fairly draconian consequences for breaking the rules, so find out what they are.

  alcudia 12:39 08 Sep 2003

Like plankton says, everyone that has access to the internet and e-mail should have been told the firm's policy regarding use. However everthing you do will be picked up and logged by your proxy server and a record kept. So be careful.

  Peverelli 12:49 08 Sep 2003

Yes, always assume you're being watched. Another reason to be careful is that you are accessing the internet in the company's name. Do something stupid and your company could find itself the subject of legal action. You might not be working for them much longer if such a thing should happen.

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