Can I swap/replace the Hard Drive?

  pcbobby 15:00 10 Oct 2006

My old Gateway tower (PIII 500 Mhz) server has several problems. CPU etc.
I have already cannibalised some of the equipment to use on the PC below.

I am currently using a Compaq PIII 650 Mhz with 10BG Hard Drive. OS XP Home.
The Compaq hard drive is, Western Digital. WD Caviar. IDE. 100BA.

Can I replace the Compaq Hard drive with the 20GB from the Gateway PC?
The Gateway hard drive is, IBM ‘Desk Star’. Model DPTA . ATA/ IDE
RPM 7200 P.N. 31L9160.

Alternatively, I also have WD Caviar 22500. Would this be the better option?

If either of these options are OK, then what is the Bootup procedure?

Thank you.

  pcbobby 16:29 10 Oct 2006

On second thoughts - can I use one of the above as a second drive?

  Diemmess 16:40 10 Oct 2006

Sadly the WD drive is too small by today's standards to be worth the fuss (2.5Gig)

It is possible to juggle with Acronis or Ghost to reproduce your original HD contents exactly onto the Gateway HD, but drive sizes are small and you may not have space on the right HD when you want to make the changes.

Better to accept what you have for the moment and fit the 20Gb either as a slave or buy yourself a case with power unit to slip a spare HD inside so having that most useful gismo, an external USB HD.

  pcbobby 17:02 10 Oct 2006

I think that you could well be right in your suggestion Diemmess.

  harry1888 17:36 10 Oct 2006

Your other option would work as well if you dont have a spare drive bay.

Stick xp disc in cd drawer but dont close it. Shut down, then change hard drives over, power up, should get a prompt like - press any key to boot from cd - then follow the prompts. Remember you'll lose any data on the 20 gig if you do this.

  pcbobby 19:55 10 Oct 2006

Thank you, harry 1888

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