can i stop start up menu time pc

  Rocker 00:08 11 Jun 2004

hi my wife as just got a time pc from a friend but when i start it up i get to menu telling me to press 1 for normal windows 98 startup or 2 for games options do anyone know how to stop this so it will load windows without the menu. thanks

  Rocker 08:04 11 Jun 2004


  Eric10 08:21 11 Jun 2004

Using Notepad, open Config.sys which is in the root of C:. Near the begining of the file, under the MENU heading, you will find a line


or something very similar. Just change the 30 to 0 and the menu won't appear. This number represents the time the menu is displayed before the default item is selected.

  Rocker 08:54 11 Jun 2004

thanks Eric10 i have never done this sort of thing before i there any chance you tell me in more detel how to do this thanks

  Eric10 09:23 11 Jun 2004

Easiest way is probably to click the Start button and then click on Run. Type "Notepad c:\config.sys" without the quotes and making sure to leave a space after Notepad then click the button to run the command. Config.sys should now be visible in the Notepad window. The first line should be:


Under this will be lines starting with "menuitem=" which will relate to "normal windows start" and "Games start". This won't be the exact wording but you should be able to recognise them from this. Next should come the line "menudefault=" and the rest of the line should be the name of the default startup option then a comma followed by the time in seconds that the menu will be displayed for. This is usually 30 which means "display the menu for 30 seconds and then accept the default". Delete the 3 from the 30 so that you are left with 0. If the line was originally


it should now read


Click File then Save, and the next time you reboot, the menu shouldn't appear.

If you don't want to remove the menu altogether you could just change the 30 to a lower figure such as 5 and the menu would show for 5 seconds only.

  Rocker 11:14 11 Jun 2004

thenks Eric10 that done the trick

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