Can I stop this spam - MAILER-DAEMON returns

  tmh2 14:45 11 Jun 2009

I have started to get 100's of spam messages. I own the domain, and I have started getting messages addressed to "Pam [email protected]" and others addressed to "[email protected]". These are usually some offer or other like win cash, or win shopping, or credit checks.
At first I thought it was a genuine error with someone quoting their e-mail account wrongly, but I have just been away from home for a week and have today received 500 e-mails!
I have got about 200 e-mails RETURNING UNDELIVERABLE MAIL to "[email protected]" & "[email protected]" and other such rubbish addresses. Good grief, some are even in Japanese and Chinese!
I am using Outlook Express 6 and I have tried setting up rules to delete some of these, I have also tried blocking the senders, but how do I manage to keep receiving my genuine e-mails and sort out all this trash?
Does anyone have any suggestions? Apart from dump the domain, after all, I am proud to have my own surname as my domain.

  lotvic 15:29 11 Jun 2009

Spammers are using it.
I found out that creating a Sender Policy Framework is the only form of defence but I don't know much about it.
I did a google search for Sender Policy Framework to find out more and suggest you do same for information - it makes interesting reading but there was too much info to start trying to put it on here.

  tmh2 15:35 11 Jun 2009

I am checking this out as I type this reply.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try?

  tmh2 15:37 11 Jun 2009

Has anyone tried "SPAMFIGHTER"?

  Woolwell 17:22 11 Jun 2009

It is not a good idea to put a genuine e-mail address in your posts. One of the ways that spammers get access is by find e-mail addresses published on the web. I can also find your address.

  southhead 18:36 11 Jun 2009

Once they have your domain I guess it’s very difficult to stop spammers. Whatever the characters before the @, even a random string, the message will reach you.
Can you set up a rule in Outlook express which deletes anything other than the exact address you use, e.g. only allow [email protected]
I stopped using a [email protected] many years ago because of spam. When I occasionally, just out of interest, check my web mail I see that it’s still attracting over 200 spam emails each day.

  tmh2 17:36 16 Jun 2009

"Can you set up a rule in Outlook express which deletes anything other than the exact address you use, e.g. only allow [email protected]"

I don't know, can I?

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