Can I stop email attachments being forwarded?

  Dragonfly2 13:01 18 Nov 2010

If I send someone an email with an attachment (in this case a PDF document), is there any way I can prevent the recipient from forwarding the attachment onto anyone else?

The attachment in question is a PDF version of a newsletter produced by a club, and we want to try and have as much control as we can over who receives them, if we send them by email.

I create the PDF using Primo PDF. I'm fine with password protecting my documents, and setting the security to prevent people from making any changes. But can I take this a step further, and stop people from either saving it to their computer, and/or forwarding it to someone else?

Or perhaps should I be looking at this from the email point of view - I'm not sure. I use Outlook Express, although others in the club who are involved with this use BT Yahoo webmail.

Any ideas would be welcome please!

  Nontek 13:40 18 Nov 2010

Is a written Instruction to each recipient not enough then? Something in the Club Rules perhaps!

There is no software way you could stop attachments from being forwarded on, as far as I am aware.

  xania 13:45 18 Nov 2010

Sorry, but I don't know of any way you can stop recipients of your attachment passing this on, and this also applies to the password. Of course, if its password protected, if the sender does not also send the password then the recipient will not be able to view the contents.

Hopwever, an alterntive might be to set a time limit on the password after which no-one can see the contents. This link may be of help:

click here

  Woolwell 14:10 18 Nov 2010

Perhaps the way to do this is to put a pdf file on a website which has password access only. Members of the club have to log in to see the newsletter.

  Dragonfly2 16:35 18 Nov 2010

Hi -
Many thanks for the replies. I thought I was being rather optimistic but it was worth a try to see if anyone knows something that I don't!

Probably a written instruction would be fine for most people - but not all, there's always a few who seem to be blind to rules, and send information to their friends.

We've got a website with a members only section, with the programme and other information - but this is not for non members. We'd like to be able to distribute our newsletter to enquirers - which is what my current bit of research is all about. Our concern is one of security, as the newsletter contains quite a few phone numbers and email addresses, and it's easy to work out when someone will be out on a particular day. We want to keep tabs, as much as we can, on who has access to the newsletter, as some of our members are quite concerned about the security angle.

Many thanks again - all ideas still welcome!

  Woolwell 16:39 18 Nov 2010

Newsletters are normally for members only. It may be appropriate to have a different thing to send to those who are enquirers probably not containing so much info.

  awest3 16:43 18 Nov 2010

Theres somthing called "restricted permissions" in office outlook 2007/2010 which is supposed to stop forwarding of emails...not tried it myself I have to say...but might be worth a look.

  Woolwell 16:47 18 Nov 2010

Thanks for that. I've just read about it.

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