can I shorten my adsl cable?

  sheppda 16:19 06 Sep 2007

Have recently re-organised home office - and have set up main pc with a netgear WG111. This means I can put the netgear router wherever I like. The signal is OK - right now is 11 mbs - but is sometimes more and I wonder if shortening the adsl cable ((silver cable - four pins links phone split point to router - labelled adsl - assume it is called an adsl cable)) will make a difference to signal strength?? If so - is it possible to do this with wirecutters and a new adsl jack - or do I need to buy some more cable??

  brundle 16:22 06 Sep 2007

The signal strength from your router to wireless devices is not related to the signal strength on the ADSL line. If you shorten the cable and move the router further from the wireless devices you'll probably end up with a slower system. 11mbs is pretty slow to start with (though still faster than your broadband) - is the router itself 802.11g?

  g0slp 16:24 06 Sep 2007

How much reduction in length are you talking about? A couple of metres isn't going to make much difference.

Regarding fitting a new plug; it is possible to do without the special tool for crimping the wires into the plug, just very fiddly. Good eyesight & steady hands needed!

  EARLR 16:27 06 Sep 2007

You can buy short ones at almost any computer shop. Unless you are a techey I don't advise cutting It down.
Good Luck

  sheppda 16:28 06 Sep 2007

router is netgear dg834g. Because of reorganisation don't need such a long lead I think. Router is surrounded by about 3 meters of spare lead hence my inclination to shorten it. Is still 2 meters from phone socket even then.

  g0slp 16:44 06 Sep 2007

Given the lengths/distances that you've quoted, if you're not going to change the cable, then I'd just coil the excess neatly & secure it with tape or cable ties.

  holme 16:51 06 Sep 2007

Forget it. The office setup I'm presently using unavoidably has a 15m extension cable to the phone/adsl socket, then a 2m cable to the router, making - erm - 17m in all.

Outreach recently measured things with his measuring thingy at the BT socket and at the router; there was negligible difference.

  sheppda 18:23 06 Sep 2007

Thanks - will leave well alone then!
Ta for help

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