Can i share my ADSL

  rhayman 16:57 16 May 2003

I dont know the first thing about networks so sorry if this sound stupid.

I have an adsl on my home pc which has a network card, and i just went to a pc shop and brought a pc to pc cable.

I was wondering if i could connect my home pc up to a laptop and share the adsl connection. the laptop is set up to run on another network.

I dont know what to do!
have i got everything i need.

  rhayman 16:58 16 May 2003

forgot to add that i have windows XP pro

  rhayman 18:03 16 May 2003

and the laptop is running windows 2000

  rickf 18:07 16 May 2003

You can also have a bb modem router to connect up the 2 pcs and share b/b that way.

  rhayman 18:34 16 May 2003

i dont know what that means im completely new to this :(

  jazzypop 18:49 16 May 2003

There are several different ways of networking your PCs.

Using a crossover cable is called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

See click here for a guide

  rhayman 18:51 16 May 2003

i want to connect the pc with xp to the laptop with 2000 and share the internet connection. the modem is connected to the xp px via usb.
can i do this with the network cable or do i need extra hardware

  steven_frost 18:54 16 May 2003

i've just done this and it was with two XP Pro systems it is possable what you have to do is make sure the network cable is twisted pair between the two computers the run then run the network connection wizard on the desktop and then follow what it says on screen. it is simple to do when it all goes well so good luck one word of advice as well when its all done look in your connections to make sure the firewall has not been turned on via the wizard to do this right click on the broadband connection the propertys click on the adv tab and if the firewall is tick untick it all should then work good luck

  jazzypop 19:04 16 May 2003

You don't need any extra hardware - although you could use a router if you wanted to.

To do what you want, with what you have, just follow the advice on the link I gave above. Make sure all firewalls are disabled on both PCs before you start - you can always re-enable them after.

Feel free to post back if you run into any specific issues along the way :)

  rhayman 19:35 16 May 2003

just to double check. the laptop is already set up for a different network, will creating this new one damage it in any way. and thanks for the replies

  jazzypop 19:54 16 May 2003

Ah ha!

Then you need the ability to either connect to the existing network, or connect to you.

See click here and click here

Neither option should 'damage' the existing network configuration, merely allow you to choose which one to use. Be aware that if it is a corporate network, it may have restrictions imposed on what you can do. This may be both in the form of a policy ('thou shalt not connect the company laptop to another network') or systems restrictions imposed when Windows was first installed by your employer.

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