Can I send SMS text messages for free from PC ?

  ford_transit 16:00 24 May 2009

Is such a thing possible without compromising the security of my computer? If so, please, how?
Are there "good/safe" ways of doing this and is there anything to avoid like the plague?
All advice will be very welcome.
Regards to all.

  User-1229748 16:07 24 May 2009

i can send 30 free text messages a month by using the orange website cos i have an orange phone.safely :o)so if you have an orange phone just register that phone,whether other providers do anything similar others will advise i'm sure

  ford_transit 16:22 24 May 2009

Thanks, smackheadz - I have an Orange phone so I'll give that a go. I never thought of that approach (never heard of it). Sounds good, nothing to download, I guess.
Will try it and report back.

  User-1229748 16:29 24 May 2009

no nothing to download just register your phone and go to email and communication and on the left you will see send a text message.they are sent straight away aswell.

  Graham. 16:31 24 May 2009
  ford_transit 16:43 24 May 2009

All I can find on Orange website is a reference to a widget for 'pay as you go' customers. I'm on a monthly contract, so might not work. Can you, Smackheadz, please send me a suitable link to try?

Graham - thanks for your response.

  User-1229748 16:47 24 May 2009
  ford_transit 17:22 24 May 2009


  ford_transit 17:26 24 May 2009

Smackheadz - thanks for the link, I've registered and sent two SMS messages to two different numbers and both worked fine. Mission accomplished. Thanks again.

Graham - thank you for your suggestion, could be useful as backup/reserve system.

Again, good friendly response from forum members!

Job Closed!!!

  User-1229748 17:34 24 May 2009

glad it worked for you,and thanks for ticking resolved :o)

  tingelsky 08:58 30 Mar 2010

If you are using a window mobile,I suggest you download this contacts tool called "GodswMobile Contacts Transfer",pretty good!
I got its information from some friends.
Hopefully I can give you a hand too.

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