Can I save TV progs from PVR to DVD using laptop?

  Calum66 21:22 02 Oct 2004

I'm thinking of buying a DigiFusion FVRT100 Freeview receiver with hard disk drive (HDD). This seems best option for being able to record digital TV programmes. What I need to know is can I save the programmes I want to keep onto a DVD using my laptop?

The manufacturer says the only way to archive programmes to your PC is if your PC has analogue video inputs. My Toshiba Satellite laptop doesn’t have an analogue video input but I would have thought there was some way of transferring programmes from the HDD on the box using a USB connection (there’s no USB on the Digifusion box; laptop has 3 x USB2 sockets). Someone has suggested I can get external video encoders that connect to PCs via USB? – does anyone know if this is what I need and if it would work on my laptop? The laptop came with Inter Video WinDVD Creator software which is for doing just this … but it’s a bit vague on how to connect the laptop to the PVR machine? I see there are various past threads about video to PC, most of them recommending sometimes pricey cables with software – I don’t think I need software, just the cables?

Any advice would be appreciated. I really don’t want to have to fork out for a separate DVD recorder if my laptop could do the job!

  y_not 07:02 03 Oct 2004

For analogue out to USB2 you could try something like click here

  Rogerfredo 10:12 03 Oct 2004

I would probably steer clear of any kit that requires conversion from digital to analogue and back to digital as you suggest. This defeats the object of obtaining the optimum quality.
I have a freeview digital card in my PC from Avermedia, which works very well. While this would be no good for a laptop, they do an external version which connects via USB.

  Rogerfredo 10:29 03 Oct 2004

Sorry for wrong info - the Avermedia external tuner does not give freeview after all. They do feature a converter for connection via USB if your laptop is a high enough spec.

  Salinger 11:15 03 Oct 2004

Hauppauge do the DEC 2000 which connects to your TV via scart AND to your PC via USB, with this unit you can record Freeview Digital Broadcasts directly onto the PC HDD, these can then be transferred to DVD _ you need at least 1Gb per hour of TV.

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