Can I save Pics as jpeg when it shows as bitmap?

  gra123 12:24 16 Apr 2003

When I'm saving pics, some show as jpeg and others as bitmap. The bitmap takes longer to download and uses more space. Is there a way to save a pic as jpeg from bitmap. It doesn't give Me a choice at present.

  MartinT-B 12:36 16 Apr 2003

It should.

Open the Bitmap. Click File---> save as Then choose Jpeg as your option from the dropdown filetype list.

  pj123 13:04 16 Apr 2003

If you have PaintShop Pro you can save pictures as lots of different formats jpeg included.

  Taurus 13:56 16 Apr 2003

When you save the picture initially, you can select the format in which it is saved. Select from the 'save as..' menu below where you enter the name.

  gra123 14:05 16 Apr 2003

I've tried save as, the dropdown menu only gives me bitmap: no alternatives!
Some pics are shown as jpeg but only give me the bitmap save as option.
are there options on the set-up to correct this?
Some pics are auto saved as jpegs, I don't understand.
can bitmaps be altered to jpegs after being saved?

  woodchip 14:11 16 Apr 2003

You have to save the file as a bitmap then open in a Photo Editer and save as JPEG then delete the bitmap file

  Taurus 14:14 16 Apr 2003

Yes they can, the rather excellant Paint Shop Pro has a batch conversion facility that will convert image files from almost any format to any other.

I would imagine that most good image manipulation prgos will do the same.


  graham√ 14:17 16 Apr 2003

That works! Just done it with one of my scanned pictures I've been trying to convert to JPEG. Thankyou.

  woodchip 14:22 16 Apr 2003

Glad to be of service

  Patr100 14:50 16 Apr 2003

If Jpegs are constantly being saved as Bitmaps then clear your Internet temp files to correct this recognised issue in Internet Explorer - Then they can be saved as Jpegs without needing conversion. This is most likely your problem as I would be highly surprised to find a genuine full bitmap on a webpage. To convert bitmap to jpeg for free use IrfanView from click here

  Patr100 14:52 16 Apr 2003

Go to tools/internet options/ Temporary Internet files - choose "delete files"

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