Can I save HOTMAIL folders to hard disk

  jcobrien 16:59 07 Dec 2007

Hotmail is the only E-mail thingy I know how to use. When I get a series of E-mails from one source, after reading them I save them to a folder. I now have many such folders and am worried that if I lose my hotmail for whatever reason all that info will be lost. So, I would like to be able to copy these folders onto my own hard disk for saftey. But, I can't figure out how to do this or even if it can be done. Has anybody out there ever done this.

Thank you

  palinka 18:42 07 Dec 2007

It's not clear whether you want to save every email you ever receive (If so, Why?)
If you want to save the body of the email you could try the following with any emial that you want to keep: Highlight the email (click your mouse anywhere on the email then press C on the keyboard and A at the same time). Now right click with your mouse anywhere in the highlighted part and choose Copy from the menu that appears. Then open Word/WordPad or whatever word processing programme you have. Click your mouse on the page to start the cursor flashing (if it isn’t already); then right click on the page and choose Paste from the menu.
That will put the email into a Word doc (or wordpad, or whatever) and you can now save it in "My Documents" By going to File>Save As then "Save In" My Documents using a suitable "File name". It's now on your hard drive because that's where My Documents is.

  jcobrien 16:07 31 Dec 2007

I receive a daily E-mail from, say, Mr.X.
Each day I read the E-mail, then store it in a "Hotmail Folder" entitled, say, "Mr-X".
At the end of the month I wish to save that folder (Mr-X)to my hard disk.
Surely there is some way I can just copy that folder with all it's contents (30 E-mails) into a folder on my hard disk.

No, I don't want to save every E-mail I get (most of them are spam), I just want to save that one folder without having to cut & paste each one individually.

  jcobrien 16:09 31 Dec 2007

Thanks again.


  wee eddie 18:27 31 Dec 2007

This is the Downside of Web-mail.

If you upgrade to the paid-for version ~ there likelihood that you will loose your Folders.

You could, of course, open another Web-mail account. With, say, Yahoo or G-mail and send yourself a copy of each mail as a back-up!

  wee eddie 18:30 31 Dec 2007

The second paragraph should contain:

If you upgrade to the paid-for version ~ there's little likelihood that you will loose your Folders.

  bremner 20:09 31 Dec 2007

The point is - your folders are on the Hotmail server which will without doubt have a full back up regime at MS.

How do you think your individual email are likely to be lost?

  tullie 10:31 01 Jan 2008

Spot on bremner,they arent stored on your own computer.

  tullie 11:02 01 Jan 2008

Just had a thought,why not just copy and paste to Word,then save them where you want?

  DieSse 11:56 01 Jan 2008

çIf you install the Thunderbird email client, you can also install add-ons that will pick up and download you hotmail emails into your computer.

I never actually use my hotmail or gmail accounbts as web-mail, I pick them up with Thunderbird, just like my other popmail accounts.

Thunderbird is an email client somewhat like Outlook Express - but better. It will entail some setting up.

click here

  jcobrien 17:01 03 Jan 2008

Hi There
I thank you all for your responses.
I do currently cut & paste and quite frankly I'm just looking for a simpler more structured way of handling the situation.

Hoe to lose Hotmail data :

I went broke one month, my telephone got cut off.
About 45 days later, having paid my bill, I got reconnected.
My Hotmail identity had completely disappeared.
I managed to regain my login ID simply because nobody else had claimed it in the intervening period but all my 'saved' data had disappeared.
Hotmail said it was my own fault for breaching their 30-day rule i.e. no activity for 30 days.
In retrospect all I had to do was visit my local library, login, send 1 E-mail to a friend and that would have kept my account alive. Easy to be wise after the event.
I am tempted to try the "Thunderbird" option but with my familiarity with computers I must admit I'm a little nervous.
I'll let you know what happens, if I don't blow up my machine.

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