Can I safely delete these icons? And how?

  renard 23:45 04 Aug 2009

Apologies for what is probably a dumb Absolute Beginners question!

I run Windows XP. There are always a number of icons at bottom right of my screen, by the Time/Date.

I think I read somewhere that these are things running all the time which can slow down my PC.

Please can anyone advise me if it is safe to get rid of them? If so, how do I stop them being there every time I boot up?

Here's what they are:

1. Wireless Network Connection. (I access the internet by wireless.)
2. 'Local Area Connection - A Network Cable is Unplugged'.
3. 'Windows Messenger - Not Signed In'. (I don't use Windows Messenger.)
4. 'Spybot-SD Resident'
5. Adobe Photo Downloader.
6. 'Ralink Wireless LAN Card - Status Good.'
7. Volume.
8. AVG Anti-Virus.
9. Safely Remove Hardware.
10. Canon My Printer.
11. 'NVIDIA Settings'.
12. Quicktime.
13. Ad-Aware Adwatch live.
13. 'MediaFace Online Plug-in Service'. (I often use an online programme called MediaFace, but I don't know what this icon is all about - when I right click, it says it is running, but I never actually use this 'Plug-in Service' so far as I know.)

Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

  Dragon_Heart 00:51 05 Aug 2009

If you right click just below the icons, in the blue area, you will get pop up window with "Customise Notifications"

Click on this to get hide inactive or Quick Launch icons.


  OTT_Buzzard 01:38 05 Aug 2009

Also worth noting that all of the icons you have listed are also on your start-up, hence they are all consuming system resource all the time that the PC is running.

If you only use some of them infrequently (say for example Messenger, Adobe Photo Downloader or Quicktime) then you can prevent them loading in the first place.

Go to the Start Menu - Run - msconfig

Select the Boot tab and deselect the relevant applications. Reboot.

This does not remove them from your computer - they can still be started manually from teh start menu or desktop icons etc, it simply prevents them from starting up with the operating system.

  birdface 09:29 05 Aug 2009

When in msconfig you could untick

And when you reboot a box will appear just tick the little square on it and it will not show again.
If at any time you would prefer to have one showing again just reverse the procedure and tick the one that you require.

There may be some others that you can remove but I will leave that for someone else to say.
All of those programs you should be able to start with either clicking their Icon or in all programs.
Just noticed that you have 2 number 13s leave Ad-Aware and don't untick it.

AVG make sure it does not run its scan at start up.Change it to run at some other time.

  iscanut 10:34 05 Aug 2009

They are not Quick Launch icons..these appear in the bottom left if you have any.If you want real time protection, do not remove Anti Virus, Firewall, Malware etc.. If you do, you will need to start them manually as soon as you can.

  wee eddie 14:46 05 Aug 2009

as OTT_Buzzard says, you can use "msconfig" to de-select those that you do not wish to run at Start-up.

However, in my opinion, CCleaner click here is easier to use and more effective, as it gives you the intermediate option of Disable as well as Delete from the Start-up list.

I would start by Disabling the following:
3. 'Windows Messenger
5. Adobe Photo Downloader.
10. Canon My Printer.
12. Quicktime

Reboot your PC and if everything works as usual, Delete them from the CCleaner list.

You can then try a couple more but, after the obvious ones, one at a time makes more sense.

You need your AntiVirus, Firewall, and No 1, I am not sure of the others.

The advantage of Disabling is that should things not work correctly when you reboot, you can open in Safe Mode, go back into CCleaner and restore the program you need.

  renard 22:10 05 Aug 2009

I am extremely grateful to everyone for taking the trouble to respond.

I now know what to do!

Just two points arising, please:

1. What are 'NVIDIA Settings'? Sounds like something I should not tamper with!

2. buteman (above) recommends I get rid of Safely Remove Hardware. I do use this when using my card reader etc. through a USB. If I get rid of Safely Remove Hardware, will it automatically pop up again when I stick something in a USB slot?

  wee eddie 23:11 05 Aug 2009

It only appears when something is plugged into the USB Circuit.

Always use it when detaching USB Drives or you risk them becoming unusable.

  birdface 00:10 06 Aug 2009

Leave That one ticked then it may save problems later.

  renard 00:33 06 Aug 2009

Sorry, buteman - leave which one ticked?

Do you mean NVIDIA Settings (whatever they are!) or Safely Remove Hardware?

  Terry Brown 20:49 08 Aug 2009

Nvidia settings are the graphic settings for your computer.

If you have set it to run at (e.g.) 1024x768, it will start up with this setting, If you remove them it may start up a a lower resolution (800 x600).
leave this icon alone.

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