Can I run Win 98 on modern CPUs?

  The Potter 21:18 13 Nov 2006

This is a bit of a continuation of my last thread but I felt it best to start a new one.

Lets say I buy a new CPU/Motherboard for my ancient machine. Lets say I buy an AMD 3000 64 CPU nFORCE 4 MBOARD nVidia. Would my WIN98 work OK?

And I am right to think that the motherboard/CPU control all?


  handy4x 21:39 13 Nov 2006

operating system should work on any system ie win 98 linux etc the only problem could be with new perifirals not always providing win 98 drivers but check the motherboard website to be sure

  greenlamp 21:42 13 Nov 2006

It's not just peripherals, there is a possibility that motherboard drivers may not be available so not all motherboard functions would work.

  octal 21:45 13 Nov 2006

You might be better off bunging Linux on it, there's more chance of it picking peripherals on the board.

  The Potter 21:51 13 Nov 2006

Sorry Octal - couldn't face changing to Linux too, I have 0 experience there! I have peripherals that run on my old PC so don't think there's a problem there unless the MB doesn't accept them of course.

I'd like to think I'd benefit from faster speed, better graphics, better sound, ie. my 60mb word or excel docs don't take forever to open/close. No major uses other than that! And if the piccies downloaded off my camera so much quicker, that would be a bonus!


  octal 21:55 13 Nov 2006

:-D I've got to try haven't I?

  The Potter 22:18 13 Nov 2006

You certainly have Octal :) I will say no more or else I'll start a universal debate which I'd wish I hadn't!

My heart is now set on a 2800 AMD 64 CPU + nFORCE 4 MOTHERBOARD nVidia VGA SATA (includes heat sink and fan). I plan to run an 80GB harddrive, 2 Samsung CD/DVD drives, a generic a drive, a usb epson printer and a bog standard crt monitor - all running OK so far on win98.

Can anyone forsee any probs the above motherboard/cpu may give me?

Many thanks,


  Strawballs 22:23 13 Nov 2006

If you are going to spend that much on building a system why not spend the extra and get XP home OEM which will be much more stable click here

  The Potter 22:42 13 Nov 2006

All I'm planning to spend is £70 on the CPU/MB! I have all but the those (I believe they must be the problem of my current situation)). I belive XP costs more than that and even if it didn't, I'd have no machine to run it on!!!!! (and besides, there must be a new version out like tomorrow???)

Thanks for the idea though!


  Kate B 23:10 13 Nov 2006

Why would you want to hobble a nice PC with an ancient OS?

  cream. 23:16 13 Nov 2006

It will run win98se fine. I have a 3500+ 64bit 2.2GHZ cpu running 98se after my old P3 gave up the ghost.

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