Can I run two versions of MS Office?

  Pineman100 18:48 09 Feb 2009

I was given MS Office 2007 Home & Student for Christmas. I already run MS Office XP.

It would be useful to install the new version, so that I can get used to the new 'ribbon' interface, but I don't to lose the Access module (which isn't part of the Home & Student version).

If I try to install Office 2007, will it overwrite/upgrade the earlier version, or is it possible to run both versions on the same computer?

  VoG II 18:58 09 Feb 2009
  Pineman100 19:12 09 Feb 2009

Thanks very much, VoG™. I don't know why I wasn't able to find that!

The critical thing seems to be the order in which the versions are installed - and as my Office XP is already installed, that looks OK.

A few details look slightly worrying. Do you have any experience of doing this yourself? If so, did you encounter any problems?

  Fermat's Theorem 19:26 09 Feb 2009

I run Office 2003 and Office 2007 on my laptop (XP) with no difficulty whatever. I put Office 2007 into a discrete folder. Be aware, however, that you can only really have one version of Outlook, but then Outlook doesn't come with the Home & Student version.

When switching between versions there will be a slight delay while some "internalies" are being processed - usually no longer than 30 seconds or so.

Hope this helps :-)

  Fermat's Theorem 19:29 09 Feb 2009

be "internalities" :-))

  Pineman100 19:35 09 Feb 2009

... I like 'internalies' better! ;o)

When you say that you put 2007 into a discrete folder, did you simply re-specify the name of the installation folder?

Thanks for responding.

  Fermat's Theorem 19:52 09 Feb 2009

I liked 'internalies' too, but another thread was splitting hairs between 'program' and 'programme' so I thought I'd better not introduce another diversion :-)

Yes - I just renamed the installation folder, and put it on the desktop for quick access - keeping the 2003 version in the Quick Start menu.

I must internalise 'internalies' - I quite like it :-))

  Migwell 00:23 10 Feb 2009

I have gone back to Office 2003 I can't get away with the ribon, I find the older version far easier to get along with.
I even use it on my Vista laptop and some will tell you that Office 2003 will not work with vista.

  Pineman100 13:07 10 Feb 2009

My wife runs Office 2003 under Vista quite successfully. I know that Office 2000 can give problems with Vista, though. Particularly Outlook 2000.

FT - OK, thanks for that clarification.
(Which Fermat's Theorem are you - the last one? Or have you got children? ;o))

  Fermat's Theorem 15:27 10 Feb 2009

Fermat's Last Theorem but it was too long as a nickname. The theorem itself always fascinated me - I have a particular interest in playing with numbers (golden ratio, phi, Fibonacci etc.)

For those interested, Fermat's Last Theorem expostulated that x to the power of n plus b to the power of n cannot be equal to c to the power of n except where n is equal to 2.


  Pineman100 17:10 10 Feb 2009

Good old Fermat. I bet he was a wow at parties.

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