can i run malwarebytes on a certain site?

  chrisod 15:35 16 May 2009

can i run malwarebytes on a certain web site or do i have to run it so that it scans the whole pc?
or is their a download that i can run on one web site at a time???

  tullie 15:39 16 May 2009

Its not a website that is scanned but your PC.

  lotvic 15:41 16 May 2009

Something like a Site Advisor you mean?

Like MaAfee's? read about it click here

  Diemmess 15:44 16 May 2009

AVG running in the background will flag a suspicious file as soon as the file is in focus.
I would expect Malwarebytes to do the same?

  Diemmess 15:48 16 May 2009

I mean AVG has loaded (at bootup) but is not scanning.

  chrisod 16:05 16 May 2009

does anyone on here use MACAFEE SITE ADVISOR??

  Graphicool1 16:15 16 May 2009

I used to for awhile. But they're not infallible. They can blacklist genuine sites and do from time to time. IE7 points up iffy sites or at least mine does. I haven't added a plug-in for that, so I guess it's already there.

  Graphicool1 16:22 16 May 2009

The following is from a review by CNET of McAfee Site Advisor. If you want to read the rest there's a link below...

The bottom line:
SiteAdvisor is one of the first secure browsing tools to go mainstream, however, since its acquisition by McAfee, the product delivers uneven test results and therefore can't be recommended over the free Netcraft toolbar.
click here

  Graphicool1 16:25 16 May 2009

Here's the link for the Free 'Netcraft' site advisor click here

  chrisod 16:30 16 May 2009

just had look at Netcraft and its for xp and i have vista,,thanks for the link.

  Graphicool1 17:33 16 May 2009

This is free...

You can get this as a stand alone or part of a security suite. I use the suite myself the whole suite is free. The main part of it is called...

'Spyware Terminator' including 'Clam Anti-Virus' click here

Individually the other parts are...

'Web Security Guard' click here
'System Protect' click here
'Online Vault' click here
They don't do a paid for version, it's donation ware.

System Requirements
Windows XP or Vista
Internet Explorer 6 and higher, or Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or higher
15MB of free disk space
Internet connection

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