Ben_uk 08:45 07 Aug 2004

I recently got a HP t530-uk Tower with a Celeron 2.8GHz CPU, and 256MB SDRAM, DVD RECORDER, Nvidia ,128MB Graphics Card FX 5200 good software etc & for the price and the standard features it was a good buy BUT it's an awful lot slower than I expected, (yes I did know it wouldn't as fast as it sounded!). It has a Micro-Star M/Board, MPS version1.40. Model Gamilla/Giovanni/Neon series,Version 030. Chipset: Micro-Star (MSI)82845G/GL/GE Brookdale Host Hub Interface Bridge (B1-step). FSB 4x100 (400HHz data rate) Max FSB Speed /Max Memory Speed 4x133MHz / 2x 166MHz. (Information located by Sis Sandra prog). I bought the system to go with a new iiYAMA E431S 17" TFT. The tower is well designed, very quiet and not a bad system other than the Windows "egg timer" appears too easily and frequently (just a right click on the desktop will show the eggtimer briefly (my ancient P 233Mhz MMX system doesn't even do that). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Stuartli 09:16 07 Aug 2004

As your mobo uses the FC-PGA2 478-pin package type CPUs and this 3.06MHz Pentium4 appears to use the same socket:

click here

it could/should work on the face of it; however, I stand to be corrected if necessary.

Your motherboard manual will state which CPUs can be fitted.

A very comprehensive survey of Intel and AMD CPUs up to recent times can be found at:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:25 07 Aug 2004

Changing the processor will make little difference. Can you rack up the RAM to 512 or more? It sounds like there are too many programmes running in the background. Have you given the computer as damn good cleaning of it's software? Typing msconfig into 'run' will show all running programmes and a lot of these can be stopped.


  spanneress 10:00 07 Aug 2004

Your chip is more than capable of good return speeds for browsing / office work / creating CD's /general duties...are you playing games on it? If so...memory should have been one of your considerations when purchasing and 256 will cope with running XP and the really need to have a lot more memory for game playing etc.

As Gandalf said..check out what you have running, what is not exactly necessary to keep and run the usual..spybot, adaware etc.

  flying grouse 13:15 07 Aug 2004

what anti-virus software are you using, the egg timer showing for that split second may be your anti-virus scanning as you open or execute files.

  Ben_uk 17:42 07 Aug 2004

Thanx for replies so far. I've had to rely on Sis for info as no manufacturers manuals are supplied with the HP system (presumably to keep things simple for newbies and keep costs down). It must be said HP have v done well in making setting up a new system very simple (almost idiot proof) with good support and simple basic manuals - I paid £370 by the way. I don't use system for games, but expected that I wld need to up the RAM.

There was practically no way of avoiding running the supplied Norton, whereas I was quite happy with the free AVG on old system - any thoughts on that.

I've got Ad-Aware + Spybot doing their stuff, and I've got minimal programs running.

Just ran Sis again and it's saying the CPU fan is dead?? ( reading 796rpm), CPU temp 42c (but Chassis fan is ok at 1815rpm). System has always been very quiet - I've had it for 3 weeks now. Will check fan in case Sis is right! Thanks guys for your help. Ben_uk

  GlynH 18:10 07 Aug 2004


Just be aware, if you want to replace your Celeron with A P4 of the FSB that your MB will accept. If your mobo only goes upto 400MHz and you get a P4 for a 566Mhz or 800MHz FSB then you'll have big problems.

P4, 400MHz chips are hard to come by now, I've looked to upgrade my 1.8 GHz Celeron to a P4, but as my mobo has an FSB of 400 Mhz Looks like I'm stuffed.

  GlynH 18:16 07 Aug 2004


Just be aware, if you want to replace your Celeron with A P4, of the max FSB that your Mobo operates on. If your mobo only goes upto 400MHz and you get a P4 using a 566Mhz or 800MHz FSB then you'll have big problems. (though looking at your info, you may have a 566Mhz FSB)

P4, 400MHz chips seem to be hard to come by now, I've looked to upgrade my 1.8 GHz Celeron to a P4, but as my MB has a max FSB of 400 Mhz looks like I'm stuffed.

My reason for wanting to upgrade is I use MS FLight sim, which is processor intensive. But aside from this I upgraded the ram using a 512MB module alongside the supplied 256MB and the difference was certainly noticeable. So I'd increase the Ram, it's usually the first thing to try.

  spanneress 18:17 07 Aug 2004

Before splashing out loads on a P4, increase the RAM. You will notice a significant increase in performace. If you are not playing games..just undertaking light tasks on the PC then I would not expect it to be *that* more than likely is the fact that XP is eating up a huge amount of the RAM power. I use Celerons' constantly for my non gaming customers..there is no need for them to spend out on P4's and the celeron performance is more than acceptable. But I do encourage more than 256 if loading XP (or even 2K).


  GlynH 18:29 08 Aug 2004

Scuze me, I meant a 533MHZ FSB. Oops!

But yep, the cheapest solution will be a Ram upgrade. YOur 2.8 should do you fine for non-gaming use.

Just a thought though, my brother got a 2.0 P4 HP machine (can't remember what model) with 256MB Ram and that seems to run slower than my computer. it takes ages to do anything, so I don't know if it's HP machines or what. That too has Norton on it.

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