Can I recover my hard drive

  Train driver 23:31 16 Apr 2004

My hard drive crashed shortly after loading Roxio 6.0. Now it just reboots before starting Windows and none of the safe mode or restore options work. I have installed a new drive and reloaded windows XP to get the PC working but even when I put the old drive as a slave it still causes the same fault.
Does anyone know of any method of getting my old drive working without wiping it. I don't even need it to run windows. All I want to do is get my pictures and e-mails off it.

  dazzling (work) 23:33 16 Apr 2004

set the jumpers on the old drive to slave before you put it in.darren

  Train driver 23:36 16 Apr 2004

Yes I did that but it still prevents the new master hard drive from running windows.

  dazzling (work) 23:43 16 Apr 2004

is windows on the same partition as your pictures could try reinstalling over the top it doesnt always delete the other stuff its risky of the clever lads will come along shortly be patient.darren

  Train driver 23:53 16 Apr 2004

Yes the old drive had a single partition and I did think of reinstalling windows but after one foul up I don't want to risk another if there is a safer way.

  dazzling (work) 00:02 17 Apr 2004

safer way you can format the partition with windows on and everything else will be left on the other partition.darren

  Train driver 22:21 17 Apr 2004

Thanks for that but the problem is the failed disc has only the one partition or do you mean windows has its own partition which is seperate from the programmes.

  pipedream 22:36 17 Apr 2004

I had a similar problem when trying to install a slave drive (which had Windows on it) using Master & Slave jumper positions, but it worked OK when I set them both to Cable Select

  howard60 06:31 18 Apr 2004

have you put the drives on the correct plug? master at the end of the ribbon cable and slave in the middle - this makes a difference with some mobos.

  speedy007 07:09 18 Apr 2004

was the hard drive partitioned using fat32 or NTFS?
to find out run FDISK from a boot floppy.
Does the old hard drive show up when it's booting.
If so does the hard drive seem to make any sounds?
What I would do to be safe would be if u partitioned using fat32 then i'd install win98 if u have it or maybe u could borrow it, to your new hard drive, have your old drive on slave and then use windows explorer to transfer you pics and emails over.
If on the other hand it's partiotioned using NTFS then the best bet would be install winxp over the top of the old one, but don't create a new partition or format it because that way you will lose everything.
Your drive may have given up the ghost in which case if your info is that important then you can always send your drive off for data recovery.

  Train driver 22:51 19 Apr 2004

Thank you everyone for the info.
The old drive is NTFS with Windows XP home on it. I can boot from the CD but it is only a recovery CD although I think that has the reinstall option. The drive does not make any unusual noises. One thing I forgot to mention that I remembered is that I have Go Back installed and that seems to be initiating a reboot to protect my data. Could that be relavent.
A friend has the full CD for XP which has a repair option. Does anybody know if that would work or is it serial no dependent.
My lost data is not life threatening but for anybody who does not do backups:- You have been warned.

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