Can I record freeview on my VCR?

  Leigh1998 20:32 24 Apr 2011

Can I record freeview on my VCR? I have a Sagem ITD58 freeview box with one scart lead socket. I have a Bush TV with one scart lead socket, and a JMB VCR, which has only one scart socket too. All three appliances have two co axial sockets each though. I have plenty of co axial leads, and scart leads. I need to know which leads need to go between which points, also where the co axial lead from the aerial socket must go. Ive asked over 20 people in the last week, and although theyve been very keen to help, no one has come up with a solution. After ive sorted the leads, is tuning in easy? Thankyou.

  woodchip 20:36 24 Apr 2011

Not if its a Analogue VCR, only thing you can do when its like that is record what is playing on screen if its setup right with scarts

  Leigh1998 20:42 24 Apr 2011

I dont mind trying that,as long as I get the correct information on which leads go where, and a pretty good idea of how to tune in.

  robin_x 20:49 24 Apr 2011

The telly doesn't have to stay on if you want to set something recording.

A cable like this will be OK for you link text

Also available in your local elec shops/possibly Poundshops/Supermarkets.

I have one but can't remember where I got it.

  robin_x 20:50 24 Apr 2011

You tune the Freeview box only. Set the Bush to AV if it doesn't auto detect the box.

  woodchip 22:00 24 Apr 2011

An Analogue VCR will nor record Freeview no mater what cable you use, I have a VCR/DVD recorder that's Analogue. And there is no way to do it I have tried including Contacting Manufacturers. As I said you can only record a Program that is playing on the TV and TV as to be switched on to do it.

  lotvic 22:06 24 Apr 2011

I found this a good help Connection Wizard

Select the equipment to be connected, then click on FIND DIAGRAM

  eedcam 22:09 24 Apr 2011

You can record freeview its not digital on the output side as the boxes are designed to receive and convert so the Tv can play them. If you only have one scart outlet from the digibox you can use a splitter.Ok you will be limited to what you are watching on tv .In fact my Sony box when I used it ran one scart to the tv and one to the recorder .It would record and play back through the digibox to the tv .

  woodchip 22:19 24 Apr 2011

Analogue VCR as to be tuned, its not just the recording, and you cannot tune a digital signal on an Analogue VCR it will only pick up the 5 station Analogue signal. I have tried every which way possible and it cannot be done without some other equipment that will change the signal or Analogue to see it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 24 Apr 2011

VCR Must be able to record from scart socket for this to work.

Connect Ariel to freeview box - freeview box scart to splitter box - splitter box to TV and VCR scart - set VCR to scart input.

You can then see freeview on TV and VCR.

Better is a Freeview box with two scarts (tesco Technika)

Set freeview box to switch to correct channel at right time also set VCR to record from scart input at the same time.

I have an ALBA analogue DVD recorder connected in this way to a Humax freeview PVR allows me to either record freeview direct to DVD or from PVR playback to DVD.

  woodchip 22:32 24 Apr 2011

Mine is a Bush analogue VCR/DVD recorder but I cannot get it to Tune for Freeview So how can I record it. and its twin scart. I can only see Freeview to Record from the TV not from antenna

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