Can I put a PATA hard drive in my pc?

  wots it all about 19:34 25 Apr 2006

My friend asked me to replace his hard drive which has packed up. I said if he bought one I would install it for him. He went off to PCWorld and has come back with this one
click here
I have just noticed before opening it that it says it is a PATA hard drive. Is it ok to use this? I read that it is being replaced by serial ATA, so will it be compatible?
The Pc is an HP Pavilion 710.
Any help gratefully accepted!

  ed-0 20:00 25 Apr 2006

Yes you can use that one.

The computer should have a 40gig PATA hard drive already in. click here

You will just have to check that the jumper settings are the same; they are usually set at master.

Your problem may be the operating system, if like me; your HP has an oem disk. Then you will be fine. Just boot from cdrom and it should load. I don't think the HP hard drives are tattooed, mine loads on any HP or Compaq computer.;-)

If you just have recovery disks, you may have a problem if the old hard drive will not spin up. You would need to clone one drive to the other.

  citadel 20:27 25 Apr 2006

If you have a retail boxed drive it may have a software disk wizard where you set the new drive to slave and the wizard copies everything over to the new disk.

  ed-0 21:08 25 Apr 2006

" which has packed up. "

I wondered if anything could be recovered.:-(

  wots it all about 23:35 25 Apr 2006

Hello all. Thank you for that, sorry for delay in replying.
The old drive just stopped working, they didnt back any data up (!) and so have lost everything. I ran some diagnostics -including from Western Digital -and they all couldnt pick up the drive at all. It wasnt listed in Bios.
They didnt make a rescue disk when the Pc was first used, and havent got any recovery disks so I said they will have to buy Windows and install it.
Just one thing ed-o, please can you tell me what "tatooed" means?
Many thanks.

  DrScott 00:14 26 Apr 2006

Have you tried connecting the old HDD to the IDE port on another PC? Or is that how you ran the diagnostics in the first place?

Suprising you don't get anything at all in the BIOS for it?

  wots it all about 16:08 26 Apr 2006

Hello. Yes I put the drive in my pc, but it didnt show up at all. Am just about to put the new one in, fingers crossed!

  ed-0 16:42 26 Apr 2006

Good luck.

Some manufacturers tattoo a hard drive so their recovery disks will match up with their hard drives. So if you try to use a recovery disk in a different computer or if you replace the hard drive. The disk will not work for that computer.

Packard bell do it, as do some Compaq ( HP ) computers. If the original hard drive still works and it is tattooed. Then you can copy it from an old drive to a new one. click here
click here

  wots it all about 20:19 26 Apr 2006

Thanks for that link, I have bookmarked it for future reference! I had never heard anyone mention tatooing before, didnt have a clue what it was.
The new hard drive is up and running now, no probs.
Thanks to all who helped.

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