Can I print wirelessly?

  Damo1977 21:43 10 Oct 2007

I know this may be a really basic question but I'm not much of an expert with computers and especially wireless networks.

I now access the internet wirelessly via my new Sky Broadband wireless modem/router (not sure of what its actually called), and wondered if there was a way I could print wirelessly also rather than having to plug the USB cable into my laptop?

If possible could anyone please advise how I go about setting this up and what, if any, additional equipment I need.



ps. If I need any additional equipment, any recommendations of good, well priced and where to get them from.

  Strawballs 22:30 10 Oct 2007
  Damo1977 13:09 13 Nov 2007

This info seems to be about setting up a home network and doesnt mention anything about wireless printing?

Any further help would be great.

And again if anyone has any recommendations as to where to get the right equipment from and at a reasonable price it'd be much appreciated.


  Zaphod 3 14:47 13 Nov 2007

If you follow the above instructions to the letter it does exactly what it says on the tin. I know as that is the page I used to set mine up.

  Zaphod 3 17:40 25 May 2009

Perhaps this bit was missed, you have to do it from the laptop. Apologies for the tardy reply as I was on night shift last night.

To connect to the printer

• I opened Control Panel, and clicked Printers and Other Hardware.

• I clicked Add a Printer.

• Instead of adding a local printer, though, I clicked Printer Connection and then browsed the network for the printer.

The whole process took less than a minute before I was printing to the network printer as though it was connected to the computer.

click here

  ambra4 02:43 26 May 2009

If you just want to print wireless without setting up a wireless network take a look at the

TP-Link Wireless Print Server

click here

This print server requires no hub, access point or hard-wired network; it simply provides a wireless connection from the printer to the specified computers

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