Can I power ATX psu using 120v DC supply?

  ddrago 18:43 18 Apr 2011

hi all

Iv been given an investigation to look into in work, we're experimenting with looking into powering a pc using DC batteries (i think my booss is looking to prove a point), i was wondering if any1 knows if this is possible? We are looking at connecting 10 batteries in series to get around 120v but this is not set in stone, we could use any combination - 48v etc, Also if it is considered possible to do this, where would you 'hook into'? im thinking after the bridge rectifier? this is purely for an experiment so i dont need to worry about frying the processor or anything. Im just looking for a little help or advice, any is much appreciated



  onthelimit1 19:22 18 Apr 2011

I think not! The AC supply is rectified then dropped to several different voltages ranging from 3 to 12. If you look at what a PSU pushes out, then you could (if you have the right kit) provide those voltages from batteries. A clue link text

  robin_x 19:24 18 Apr 2011

Can't you use 12V and 240V inverter?

link text

Have as many batteries in parallel as you need for capacity. One car battery will be 30-40Ah.

Bridge rectifiers are for AC. Diode protection for polarity protection on DC.

A multi standard ATX PSU will be expecting AC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 18 Apr 2011

I've been powering my laptop from Locomotive batteries using a 12v DC -240VAc 350W inverter from Halfords

  ddrago 21:15 18 Apr 2011

thanks for the replies. I apologise if im being too simple in the way im looking at this but is there not a stage in the ATX when due to transformers/ rectification etc where the 230v AC input has been converted to 115v DC? If this is the case can I not disconnect all circuitry before this and supply it directly from the batteries in series?

thanks again

  robin_x 21:25 18 Apr 2011

Look top left of the link cct diag.

After the rectifier, there is a switch to allow 115Vac operation. It is still AC though for USA/Japan etc etc

link text

I think you are confused, unless I am :-)

  robin_x 21:27 18 Apr 2011

at the rectifier....

  robin_x 21:36 18 Apr 2011

Actually I retract all I said.

There are DC DC ATX units. It seems.

Sorry. I was thinking of bog standard home PCs.

  woodchip 22:24 18 Apr 2011

PC runs Mainly a 12+ Volts dc and 5+ volts these are at the main motherboard Plug. Connection Volts hear link text

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