can i move a modem?

  yvie 22:43 05 Feb 2005

Hi there, I have my pc/modem set up upstairs and want to move it downstairs. The cable to the modem runs from a telewest box downstairs, out through the wall,up the front of the house and in the bedroom! can I unplug it, take the cable back through the wall and re route it without calling out telewest to do it? I am a novice and have no idea what will happen if I disconnect it!
Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 05 Feb 2005

If you disconnect it nothing will happen to affect your telephone

BB or dial up

Dial up will work on the end of any telephone extension cable BB needs a filter between the extension and the modem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:01 05 Feb 2005
  sidecar sid 23:03 05 Feb 2005

It shouldn't be a problem as long as you can feed the broadband cable through the wall without removing the connector from it (im pretty sure its crimped on the cable so it may prove difficult to re fit)

Unplugging the modem and reconnecting it will not affect it.

  stalion 23:05 05 Feb 2005

if you can just unplug from the modem you should not have a problem re-routing the cable make sure that you do not disturb the connection to the telewest box

  yvie 23:08 05 Feb 2005

thank you, its sort of bolted on the modem rather than just clipped in, so I just unscrew it? And I won't touch the telewest box then, I was unsure about that, will just make another hole in the wall!

Very many thanks

  sidecar sid 23:17 05 Feb 2005

Yes that is correct you just unscrew it from the back of the modem.Is the modem cable attached to your telewest set top box or to a box on the wall?

  yvie 23:22 05 Feb 2005

to a box on the wall downstairs, ive just had a look and i'll have to get someone to drill another hole through the wall I guess?

  sidecar sid 23:27 05 Feb 2005

If the cable is attached to a splitter hanging out of the bottom of the box you can also unscrew the cable from it and re attach it as necessary.

  yvie 11:38 06 Feb 2005

ok thank you, theres no splitter, so it'll have to be another hole and pull through. Many thanks for your help, well, here goes then!

  Senile Syd 12:23 06 Feb 2005

If you're running cable through a hole in an outside wall, be sure to leave enough slack to form a drip loop, so that the lowest point on the cable is below the level of the hole.

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