Can i make my NTL broadband modem go wireless ?

  Winxx 15:41 01 Jun 2007

Hi, i have a NTL broadband internet modem installed on my PC, it isnt using the Ethernet socket if thats important information?

Can i buy something to make this give out wireless signals?
What isit i need to buy, a router?
And how would i set it up ?

Also, would installed a router (if thats what i need) make the PC run off wireless signals, or would it still use the NTL modem and give off signals to other computers in the house, (eg. my laptop)

Thanks in advance!

  Batch 16:15 01 Jun 2007

Assuming that your NTL broadband is over your telephone line, you'd need to replace the modem with an ADSL modem router (this is a separate box). You'll also need a wireless adapter (USB is easiest) to plug into the computer. You can often buy a package that includes the router and the USB wireless adpater in one box. The kit should come with instructions.

The router should also support wired connections (using ethernet Cat 5 cables).

Note that it is recommended to have at least one PC set-up with a wired connection as wireless is not 100% reliable and if you have problems with the wireless you won't be able to access the router to sort things out (as it is the router that connects to your broadband service and holds all the login information etc.). So if you only have one PC, it is best to stick with wired (or at least set it up so that you can use both wired and wireless).

I would guess that it is pretty similar if your braodband is over cable, but I don't knwo the details.

  fitshase 16:24 01 Jun 2007

Similar for Cable Broadband but you need a cable router (also known as a Cable/DSL router - NOT ADSL).

Plug an ethernet cable from the cable modem to the router's internet port, and another ethernet cable from the router to the computer.

Run the setup wizard on the router and all should be well.

If you then want to run wireless devices, you can configure the wireless bit following the instructions of the router or by doing a search on the network forum.

  Winxx 17:55 01 Jun 2007

1) you say i will need 2 ethernet cables, is that correct as the router will connect to my modem, which connects to my computer, so.. why the need for another cable?

2) My ISP is virgin media, i hear that a router has to be compatable, so which routers are compatable with virgin media, im currently looking at a belkin router.

  DJ-Garry 18:56 01 Jun 2007

this one is perfect. I use it on my Virgin account. My laptop has a wireless wiget built in so if your hasn't you will need to get one

  DJ-Garry 18:57 01 Jun 2007
  fitshase 19:23 01 Jun 2007

In answer to your questions:-

1) You need to disconnect the modem from your computer and connect it to the router. The router will then act like a modem for all of the computers attached to it. This way, any computer attached to the router (either via a cable or wirelessly) will be able to access the internet independently of any other computer. The second cable is to connect your computer to the router.

2) Not sure about having to be compatible - any Cable/DSL router should work. However, I am on ADSL so I cannot comment.

  howard64 19:52 01 Jun 2007

having just helped a friend on blue yonder [now Virgin] their helpdesk was very helpful and knew exactly what was needed. The most important thing being that when you disconnect the cable modem from the original pc and connect to the router you need to leave the modem disconnected from the mains to allow it to forget the mac address it has been connected to. They could not give a time for being disconnected because it can vary from a few seconds to an hour or so depending on the different cable modems.

  Strawballs 21:44 01 Jun 2007

click here Any one of these will do but I use the Linksys wrt54g on NTL and as others have said the wire that you have between your modem and computer at the moment will need to go from the modem to the router and another which will be supplied from the router to the PC then once the wireless had been setup you could then dissconect the pc from the router and go wireless with an adapter or wireless enabled laptop.

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