can I link new XP to prog files on other disk?

  Aristocatman 19:58 27 Mar 2007

I have got a new copy of XP Pro & a new hard drive, mobo etc. My Old XP didn't want to know the new setup & the old Disk was F.. corrupt. problem I now have is that my old program files are still on the old disk which is now my D drive.
Question is can I link my new XP Pro os to the old prog files? it will save a lot of time & aggro if I can.

  Jak_1 01:19 28 Mar 2007

You can, but in order to have shortcuts on the desktop you will need to define the pathway as there will be no registry entries. It is far easier to reinstall the programs on the new drive and then tranfer the data files for each prog over from the old drive.

  Batch 09:28 28 Mar 2007

Personally I wouldn't even attempt to go there. There are almost certainly multifarious entries in the registry (and elsewhere) that depend upon the programs having been installed under the OS that you are actually using.

Normally people ask if it is possible copy the programs across from an old install to a new install (the answer is no due to the registry entries etc. that have to be set-up). I see no reason why it should be materially different for what you are suggesting.

Best to just bite the bullett and re-install.

  Pamy 11:51 28 Mar 2007

You can get a free prog. called coa2 that will change the registry but I do not know where to get it from, try Google

  Pamy 11:52 28 Mar 2007
  Monument 12:02 28 Mar 2007


"COA2 runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000"

So no good for your XP installation.

The only sure and safe way is to reinstall all the programs.

  Pamy 12:32 28 Mar 2007

I think it now does but will stand corrected

  Aristocatman 22:13 28 Mar 2007

Bu**er I type a reply & sent it but Forum had timed out so I lost it PITA!
Thanks all for suggestions I have recovered some by running .exe file & installing a shortcut,Office I reinstalled & all updates (thanks Bigfix) some don't want to know but many are downloads that looked useful but are not used now. Zone Alarm Pro I think I've lost as i can't find the key & didn't pay extra for reinstall. But I have IPCop as main firewall.
COA2 doesn't list XP....

  Pamy 22:21 28 Mar 2007

nothing ventured , nothing gained

  Aristocatman 23:07 28 Mar 2007

I tried the download & the blurb says that the installer does not work with XP SP2... curses foiled again!

  Pamy 16:05 29 Mar 2007

I think it will,nothing ventured nothing gained

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