Can I leave a memory slot empty?

  tim.h 16:46 29 Mar 2003

Norton diagnostics memory test is detecting faults in RAM. I have 1x 128 and 1x 256Mb sticks. Both pass the test in bank 0 but when I put either in bank 1, the test fails. Presumably this slot is faulty. Can I ignore it and put one stick in each of the other two? How much am I going to be charged to replace this slot? (168-pin DIMM)

  woodchip 17:11 29 Mar 2003

The answer is yes if you are using SDRAM or DDR ram.
The RAM that you put in should be put in the 0 or number 1 slot

  woodchip 17:13 29 Mar 2003

PS you should try the 256 in 0 and the 128 in 1

  billyliv 17:31 29 Mar 2003

Hi, I will assume that you have a P4 compatible motherboard. If not, why not tell us what your set up is?. My motherboard supports RAM in pairs. If two slots are to be left empty you have to fit continuity dimms. You can not put single memory in one and single memory in the other. Cheers, Bill.

  tim.h 10:04 30 Mar 2003

Woodchip and billyliv

Thanks for the responses. My system is 500mHz P3, running Windows 98SE. I have three memory slots. Both memory sticks work fine in slot 0 but fail the Norton Diagnostics test when slot 0 and 1 are occupied. Can I use slot 0 and slot 2 leaving slot 1 empty. The memory is recognized at startup regardless of position.

  tim.h 10:07 30 Mar 2003

By the way it is 100mHz SDRAM and the max that can be fitted is 3x 256Mb.

  woodchip 14:03 30 Mar 2003

You can no but try

  MAJ 14:29 30 Mar 2003

I'm not a Pentium user, but I thought the only memory (other than the old simms) which had to be inserted in pairs on a Pentium board was the RDRAM stuff? If this is true, then any slot will do, tim.h. And don't always believe everything Norton tells you.

  tim.h 19:59 03 Apr 2003

My PC manufacturer, Gateway, tell me that I can leave a slot empty, however when I do, I get the same result in the Norton test.(ie. slots 0+1 return the same result as 0+2) Anyone got any ideas? Are there other RAM testing programmes out there? I want to check that there is some significance in the Norton Diagnostics test now that it tells me that my computer is not functioning correctly.

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