Can I just copy my entire C Drive to my D drive?

  Halmer 08:39 14 Dec 2009

Given that I recently lost my hard drive and want to make sure that I am better prepared for this in future I just wondered.

Can I use Nero to copy my entire C Drive to the separate drive on my PC or am I just wasting my time?

I've read about Acronis TI and its use on here but wondered whether the Nero app that I have will do the same thing. It has a back up facility.

I have also looked at click here which seems to do a similar thing to Acronis?


  muddypaws 09:40 14 Dec 2009

I have used this for a couple of years:click here

It is free, but to get the 'incremental' back up facility it costs about £28.
It makes the target drive bootable and every time the PC boots up it gives you the option to boot from the cloned drive before Windows starts.
So if C is corrupted just reboot and start with the other drive. No messing with making bootable CDs etc.
Without the incremental version it will do a complete back up each time which will take much longer. Mine takes about 3 mins to do an incremental
from 100gb of files.

  Halmer 10:32 14 Dec 2009

Had a further look at Nero and there is a facility to back up the whole drive which I have just done to the separate drive on my PC.

Don't know if it will work if I ever need it though I suppose.


  muddypaws 10:55 14 Dec 2009

Provided it has your important files/foders you should be OK
The advantage though of XXClone is that you can test it out the next time you boot up.

  Batch 11:50 14 Dec 2009

Whatever software you use to create a backup (for the purposes you mention) it either needs to create a backup that can be used to restore a workable bootable drive partition OR it needs to directly create another workable bootable drive partition.

I don't know whether Nero does either of the above.

Given reason why you want this ability, you really need to use something reliable that does what it says on the box. I use Acronis TI Version 8 (with Win XP - later OSs may need a later version), but I know that others use XXClone and other freeware.

  john bunyan 12:11 14 Dec 2009

Like Batch, I use Acronis True Image - the latest is version 2010 which is needed for W7 and is bacwards compatible. I would reccomend having your main drive in two poartitions, about 50 Gig for system and the rest for "My Documents". Then do a anti virus and spyware check, defrag then make an image of each partition on an extenal drive - dont forget to "verify" it if using ATI.As bet and braces I even make a clone of my primary drive onto a slave drive, but some think this is OTT!

  PalaeoBill 13:20 14 Dec 2009

For peace of mind, disaster recovery. To support what muddypaws has said, XXCLONE is excellent for creating a clone of one hard drive onto another separate hard drive (which doesn't have to be exactly the same size, just of sufficient capacity for the amount of data - e.g. you can clone a 120Gb HDD onto a 60Gb HDD if there is only 50Gb of data). The process is heavy on the HDD so its more for infrequent backups/disaster recovery but if anything goes wrong with your HDD you have a separate replacement that you can swap in, no messing with restores you just boot it up and your away. An added advantage is that you can duplicate the volume ID when you clone a disk so that when you boot from it, your installed software (especially copy protected stuff with licences) doesn't complain.
You can use XXCLONE to clone one partition of a hard drive to another partition of the same hard drive, but this does seem to defeat the object of a backup. A head crash will stuff both partitions.
Its free, I've used it many times and it is perfectly adequate, you don't need to spend money on Acronis. I've even cloned to a USB HDD.
If you want more frequent backups, and your prepared to re-install an OS to a new drive and then restore from backups, then Nero will do the job on its own. The advantage of Nero is that as well as full backups, it will do both incremental backups (just the files that have changed) and differential backups (the files that have changed and their old versions).
Why not do a combination of both.

  David4637 13:56 14 Dec 2009

Will XXCLONE work on W7- cause it sounds a very good option? Thanks David

  David4637 15:11 14 Dec 2009

One further query if I may?
If you xxclone the OS only to an external drive (NO partitions) say Drive F, which has already got a My Docs folder full of files, do you need to partition the external drive, so the clone only writes to say Drive G?
Thanks David

  tullie 15:12 14 Dec 2009

I dont think it works on Vista,so maybe not W7.

  PalaeoBill 16:55 14 Dec 2009

No apparently it does not work on Vista or W7.
I can vouch for W2K, NT4 and XP, they work just fine. It shows how far behind the times I am.

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