Can I install Windows Fixes without going online?

  JE-KM 08:59 04 Aug 2004

I have just bought a new PC which comes with Windows XP Home + Service Pack.

Unfortunatly not all the latest security updates are on there - so the moment I go online I get infected with a virus that attacks my SMSC.exe.

Now, I am able to download the patches for this security issue, but not without going online to the Windows Update site, and hence getting infected by going online. The virus then disables my virus checker (Norton AV).

Is there any way that I can make a disk with all the security updates on, so that I can restore my system and apply the fixes BEFORE I go online?


  TECHNODIMWIT 09:04 04 Aug 2004

Can you borrow or use another computer to load the patches etc to cd, you dont need to be on line to install them

  JE-KM 09:09 04 Aug 2004

Yes I can, I have access to my old PC.

But how do I download every single patch as a file? I am used to clicking "Windows update" and everything installs automatically.

Where exactly may I find these update files?

  techpro 09:11 04 Aug 2004

If you are using a firewall and don't have file sharing enabled I don't think you are at risk of infection by this worm anyway.

  JE-KM 09:15 04 Aug 2004

I only have the firewall that is built into XP, although I am not sure if BT BROADBAND turn this firewall on, and I don't know if I am sharing files - I am just using the settings that came with the TINY PC.

But just to be sure, I would still like all the updates on before I go online for the first time after I perform a system restore from the recovery disk.

Can anyone assist me in how to do this?

  leo49 09:26 04 Aug 2004

Go to Windows Update as normal. Instead of clicking "Scan Now" look to the left and click "Personalise Windows Update"[Under Other Options].

When the page opens,tick "Display the link to Windows Update Catalog under See Also. Save the settings.

Now on the usual Windows Update page you can follow thw link you've just added,choose your OS and download to a location of your choice whichever of the updates and fixes you require.

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