Can I install Norton Av, Firewall on two pcs?

  as400man 08:21 05 Jan 2005

I have just bought a second PC for home. Will I be able to install my original Norton System Works 2003, AV and Firewall on both? If not, what options do I have other than to buy a complete new set of software?

Thanks and regards

  Lead 08:32 05 Jan 2005

I haven't got a copy of the EULA (User License) but I imagine it restricts use to one PC. So if you want to be above board then you'll have to buy another copy.

  Brian-336451 08:36 05 Jan 2005

This is always a thorny issue because 'legal' runs up against pragmatism and 'real' world.

I have the one AV program on both my and my wifes laptop . . .

Suffice to say that the software will WORK.

What you WILL have to do (if the machines are to be networked) is stick the IP address of the 'other' machine in the list of 'allowed' contacts to enable them to talk to each other.

'Nuff said.

  Lead 08:36 05 Jan 2005

Just to clarify though, do you mean use the same copy of System Works 2003 that is currently installed on your 1st PC, on your new 2nd one? Or have you already upgraded that and 2003 is a package that isn't currently installed anywhere?

  Lead 08:38 05 Jan 2005

Has your original psot changed, or did I just not read it properly the first time? :¬)

  as400man 08:42 05 Jan 2005

I have one copy of Sys Works and Firewall installed on one PC. I would like to install the same on my new (second) PC.

  Lead 08:46 05 Jan 2005

It may not be the best place to admit this, but similar to Mr May, I have NAV installed on 3 networked PCs in my home. So while not strictly permissible, it is possible.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting for a second that you violate any EULA.


  as400man 08:59 05 Jan 2005

I'm not planning to network my two PCs, they will both be stand alone. Does this affect what I can do?

  3rdday 09:16 05 Jan 2005

Regardless of whether your PCs are networked or standalone, you are only legally allowed to install a single copy of the software (i.e. the same CD) on a single PC. While it will work on two or more PCs, it would not be legal.

  as400man 09:48 05 Jan 2005

I subscribe to the adage that rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools. All I really want to know is if Norton will work on both machines and if I will still get the updates on both machines. I've seen a post somewhere which suggests it will be 'switched off' on one of them. What I do with the information is up to me and this in no way compromises the supplier of the information as far as I am concerned.


  3rdday 10:03 05 Jan 2005

2003 and earlier will work on multiple machines, and you will still get updates. 2004 and later probably won't work on more than one machine because of the activation procedure.

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