Can I install 2 USB printers on the same PC?

  Henmin 15:44 20 Apr 2004

Hi Folks,

I have a Lexmark USB All-in-one printer/Scanner/copier installed on my PC. The cartridges for these machine are quite small for the printing I do. I have been given another Lexmark USB printer as a gift can I install this too on the same PC. This printer has the larger cartridges



  Agent Smith 15:49 20 Apr 2004

Try it and see. I have a USB Canon i550 and a Serial Canon LBP660 on my PC.

  Simsy 16:09 20 Apr 2004

The fact that both USB devices are printers would seem to be irrelevant to me.

The only thing that might be a consideration is possible compatibility between USB1 and USB2 devices, i.e. if the PC only has USB1 slots and the printer is USB2, it will only work at USB1 speed.

Good luck,



  JayDay 16:10 20 Apr 2004

Can't see why not. Just remember to select the right printer when you go to print. Only one can be the default printer.

  Curio 17:14 20 Apr 2004

Absolutely no problem. As JayDay says, don't forget to make the printer you want to use the default

  €dstowe 18:49 20 Apr 2004

We have several machine with multiple printers. The only problem to arise is having two printer models the same.

There is one machine here with four physical printers and two virtual printers (a fax and a pdf writer). It works perfectly OK.


  britto 19:24 20 Apr 2004

I had a lexmark x73 and tried to run a lexmark p706 at the same time,could not get them to run on the same machine but Lexmark techs said they had them running together ok. might have been my OS (ME). Do you know there are high and moderate use cartriges for the printers.

  Henmin 11:43 21 Apr 2004

Agent Smith, Simsy, JayDay, Curio, €dstowe,britto,

Thanks alot for your HELP. I have an All-In-One Lexmark X1150. OS is 98SE. I shall give it a try. My daughter got the Z708 for half price from PC World. I thought I'd return it and get a duel Parallel/USB put being sold at half price they won't take it back for an exchange or refund though I have not taken it out of the box.


  Henmin 14:44 23 Apr 2004

Agent Smith, Simsy, JayDay, Curio, €dstowe,britto,

Thanks. Lexmark Z708 Installed and working. But the voice, "Printing Started," quivers.

Can I rectify this or shut it off?


  Curio 17:29 23 Apr 2004

Click onLexmark Solution Centre, click onMore printing ideas and how to's.
Click on Advanced (bottom icon)
Click on Printing Status
Remove check mark from Sound at bottom of list
Click OK

  Curio 17:31 23 Apr 2004

PS You may have to do it on both printers both being Lexmark

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