Can I insert "Word Count" into Office Document?

  Manchester_girl 18:15 07 Jun 2003

I need to insert the word count 'Statistics' into the actual MS Word document. Does anyone know how to do this?

  VoG™ 18:19 07 Jun 2003

Insert/Field and select "numwords"

  Manchester_girl 18:27 07 Jun 2003

Thank you VoG, i've learnt something today I never knew i could do, but, what I am trying to do (as i've seen this done on the original that i'm typing from) is the actual box (as it is displayed in 'tools' and then 'word count')has been inserted at the end of the document. This displays word count, paragraphs, lines, etc.

  VoG™ 18:37 07 Jun 2003

I think that you will need to use a macro to achieve what you want click here

  Manchester_girl 19:33 07 Jun 2003

Thank you. I managed to create a macro (not very easy!) and i've managed to display it when i want to, yet not able to print it as part of the document. Right now, my brain is pretty fried so i'm going to leave it for now and perhaps i can figure out something later. thank you very much for your help

  VoG™ 19:39 07 Jun 2003

When your brain's cooled down you MAY find something useful click here

  Peter E 20:00 07 Jun 2003

...Tools - Word Count. When the box appears, hold down Alt and press Print Screen. You can the paste an image of the statistics at the cursor position. If want just the grey area with the statistics use the crop tool.


  justme 21:38 07 Jun 2003

Just a thought.... you do realize that when you add in your data that you will also add an extra paragraph, extra lines and extra words making the data that you are entering into your document out of date.

Of course, if you are only counting the words in a thesis and do not count the words on the title page, etc then this will not apply.

As I said, it was just a thought.

  VoG™ 00:46 08 Jun 2003

As a further thought, if you have a document that does this then the VBA code must be there (I think?). Open the document then ALT+F11 to open the VB Editor. On the left hand pane expand the document's stuff (click on the + sign) and then double click on Modules. Unless the VB code is password protected you should be able to see how it is done.

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