Can i increase MP3's volume in any way?

  buel 19:21 31 May 2011

Hi, i have recently bought a Philips mp3 player and the volume of the mp3s it plays seem to vary quite a lot. Actual mp3s i have downloaded are almost loud enough (i work in a factory) but the recordings i have made using Audacity are not loud enough to hear.

I have the volume turned up to full on the mp3 player but wondered if there is any software that can increase the volume on mp3s?

Thank you in advance- B

  buel 19:25 31 May 2011

Ps- Also, is there a specification that i can view on other mp3 players to determine which ones are louder than others?

  woodchip 19:28 31 May 2011

I would say not, also if you play these through earphones the Player will have a "built in Volume limiter To cover them," so it does not damage your ears. You could however play it through a Speaker Amp that is made for these things like Ipod Doc etc

  buel 19:45 31 May 2011

Thanks Woodchip, unfortunately that definitely would not be loud enough, that was the beauty of using earphones you see. Blast!

  Confab 19:49 31 May 2011

You could try something like this

Normalise MP3

  woodchip 20:10 31 May 2011

Why not link it to a Geto Blaster

  AroundAgain 20:40 31 May 2011

Yes, this is a question I would appreciate an answer to as well.

I appreciate the need not to have loud music via earphones and I'm not wanting the volume loud enough to do damage. I am a bit deaf in one ear; little/no useful hearing in t'other (had surgery) so I do struggle to hear via the one earphone (obviously record in mono now! ;) ).

I tend to listen to Classical music and similar, not the 'head banging' stuff and am not expecting the volume to compete with a noisy environment.

I find that both the CD's that I rip, or music/songs recorded via Audacity are certainly of lower volume (uniformly), in spite of input being at maximum. I have to say, I only have the necessary volume to hear, not to blast myself! My hearing is precious to me!

So, is there a way to increase the recording volume? It would be useful if there was a solution. I do enjoy music and am not too happy that I am getting to the situation that I can't use my MP3 much longer. I have Sony Walkman.

Alternatively, does anyone know if there is a method of listening to MP3 player via hearing aid, instead of earphone? Now, that would be brilliant :)

Thanks very much

  AroundAgain 20:41 31 May 2011

BTW My intention is to promote this topic, not to hijack it. Hope I've not stepped on toes?

  HXP 20:45 31 May 2011

MP3 gain should help you can set the volume up or down and do all your tracks in one go

Fortunately, there's a simple remedy: MP3Gain, an oldie-but-goodie utility that equalises MP3 volume levels. It does so by modifying the appropriate metadata of each file so that music software and portable players know what the volume should be. Fortunately, it makes no changes to the actual music contained within each MP3, so there's no loss of sound quality.

  woodchip 20:51 31 May 2011

Why not put your music on CD then play it through the TV dvd player It should do MP3 so you can get a lot on a plain cd

  buel 22:32 02 Jun 2011

Around again- No problem at all. Plus i hope you found that mp3 Gain is a brilliant help- Thank you HXP!!!

Woodchip- thanks for the suggestions but they had to be for my mp3 player at work you see, not at home. Mp3 Gain is excellent (although not incredibly simple, i found)!!

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