can i host my own website?

  Aol Hater 08:11 01 Jul 2003

hi i run win xp pro with a 1mbit adsl connection is it possible to host my own website? what software would i need and how does it work? i would love to host my website on my machine.

any help would be appreciated

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  Sir Radfordin 08:20 01 Jul 2003

To do this you will need to have a fixed IP address, if you don't want to use a domain with re-direction you will need to have two fixed IP addresses (I think.)

You could use something like Apache as a http server that will be fine for most sites, and is used by lots of business for their sites.

There are however lots of security risks as you are going to give people access to at least one folder on your machine, there will always be the temptation (or the desire) for people to find out what they have access to.

  Aol Hater 08:29 01 Jul 2003

i am a complete beginner so i think it might be a bit to complicated for me unless anyone knows of any sort of wizard type program or easy to use one, oh and i have a fixed ip address. so anyone?

  Sir Radfordin 09:29 01 Jul 2003

If you are a complete beginner my advice would be go and find someone else to host your site. It will be a lot less hassle for you in the long run and isn't going to cost the earth.

  tbh72 11:16 01 Jul 2003

A very good way to get used to & learn about hosting is to use a small piece of software called KFWS "Key Focus Web Server". It has clear instruction's and a simple user interface. It will give you link's URL addresses in order to get IP addresses both static or dynamic.

But as already pointed out, security is a big issue. I can only think of a small number of reasons WHY you would use it. For example to create personal website's which will only be accessed by family & friends....!!!

I use HOSTPLUS they have so excellent hosting packages that do not break the bank, I pay 25.00 per year and have features such as password protected folders, 50 email account's, 1 GB bandwith.... The most important thing with this company are their support features, for instant support you can telephone a national rate number, they also have a ticket system within the online control panel, or you can join their host-plus feature on their home page for free and use the forums. Very good!!!

not on my main machine but on a 950 duron by the side.

This is running apache, that is quite hard to configure.

There is a thing in windows, called internet information services, that runs in a similar way, so should be able to do what you want...

Bear in mind though that any sort of firewall you use wont work with apache if you try that route, i use Apache as i have found it more stable than anything i used, but am unsure of IIS

  TechMad 09:38 02 Jul 2003

While you can host your own site, I have two recommendations.

1. Firstly the hosting machine is used solely for this function. Therefore visitors get faster service.

2. Secondly, I personally wouldn't host a website on Windows XP. I'd use an alternative, such as Linux because once you understand how it works, closing loop holes is easier.

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