Can I have (a) volounteer(s)?

  Gaz 25 06:32 04 Jan 2007

I need to test something, that would have to be away from this website due to it possibly being classified as advertising for my business.

I've worked hard to develop a basic PHP script and I need someone to test it reliabily works?

Although I am looking for feedback as well, since I've worked so hard to get it as far as it is... It would be difficult to make any changes to the script itself without rewriting it. For example, if you find the long URL in the script annoying - hmm.. I'm already working on that... and if you did wonder why there's missing product brands here and there? That's because it isn't finished - quite yet! It will be soon, and this is part of the process of improving the script before I finish up - and I wasn't an expert in MYSQL/PHP either - but it works..

If you have suggestions about the way it's presented or anything through, feel free.

I need mainly feedback as to... does it work as expected? Is it easy to use? Does it break?

And most of all, would you use it? Also feel free to check the rest of the website out and get back to me on that if you wish.

I cannot post the link here as I mentioned before.... I just don't want to get into any legal bother.

Anyone wishing to test this out for me will have to e-mail me by using the small envelope next to my nickname.

Best Regards,
Gaz 25

  Gaz 25 06:38 04 Jan 2007

So if you can use click here or simply reply back to this post with: I'll test it.

I'll send you the link via PM.

  slightlymad 13:02 04 Jan 2007

but I don't know any PHP so you may be better off with someone who knows their stuff.

Meanwhile, your long url... you can shorten it drastically here: click here

  Gaz 25 17:34 04 Jan 2007

I've messaged you. :D

  slightlymad 18:09 04 Jan 2007

It's excellent, Gareth!

I selected, reset, and generally tried all of the options and it performed exactly as I would expect. I like the explanations for each of the components.

Looks good to me!

I like your website, and I'd say that it's condusive to using your services.

A couple of nit-picks....

The caseimages page took 20 secs to load, on a broadband connection! You can view a speed report here: click here. The images aren't big, and their large file sizes can be greatly reduced. For example, I popped "blackdragon.jpg" into Photoshop, saved it at high resolution and the file size went down from a massive 54KB to 6KB!

There are also no alt attributes for your images, and you don't say how you can order a particular case (but you may be getting round to this?).

On your Information page, the font is a larger than the rest of the site.

On the Services page, "Spywares", instead of Spyware. "Also Popups, Crashing, Blue Screens, Connectivity, Networks, Internet, Program issues, Upgrades, Slow, Viruses, E-mail issues, adverts, spywares, trojans, hardware errors, conflicts, Cluttered PC's, Vista Upgrades." Can you stick to either lower or title case?

On the Contact page: If you need to contact us regarding anything please do not hesitate to contact us for..." Better to put "Please do not hesitate to contact us for..."

That'll do for now! Others will have more to add, no doubt...

  Gaz 25 19:18 04 Jan 2007

The caseimages page is a dynamic load from the old website and hasnt been modified yet.

That could also explain the info page.

I'll make those corrections now....

If anyone else is willing to check the site out - do drop me a message :D

Thanks again.

  Gaz 25 19:24 04 Jan 2007

Thats odd.. CSS > BODYTEXT

It's the same throughout the website except on system descriptions..

Hmm, wonder why the information page is larger for you?

  LeadingMNMs 19:31 04 Jan 2007

Well I got the link off the optismisation link above, and thought I'd have a look. It certainly looks professional enough and would certainly encourage me to use the service rather than head back to Google to look for another.

As mentioned above the pictures could do with optimising, as alot are ~40k when at the size they are they could easily be less than 10k with little or no loss of quality. On the enthusiast page theres also a bitmap taking up 160k.

I personally didn't particular like the font used in the body. While the size and colour are fine, I find the letters a little too close together for me liking, buts thats a personally preference.

"Order" annoys me, in the sense that clicking that nowadays with the web evolving so much, you really expect to be able to order online. Obviously thats beyond the scope of what you want from the website, and thats not a bad thing. However I think perhaps you could replace the Order button with something that better describes what you can do, and yes ... I can't suggest anything better, but I'd have a think about that. I think though that clicking that button next to a product should however populate a field on the contact form at least. Asking someone to quote the system they're are interested in after they've clicked the button next to it, seems a pointless.

But once again, a very nice clean site. Its nice to see people go for a simple design, rather than trying to fill every little space with an image or colour.

  slightlymad 19:42 04 Jan 2007

In the information page you have:

.bodytext {font-size: 12pt}

Whereas the other pages are:

.main {font-size: 14px}

  PurplePenny 21:18 04 Jan 2007

"Bees nees" are "bee's knees"

On the custom PC component selection screen "processor" has the description that goes with cases.

I loved playing with the selections and seeing how my choices affected the price. Much easier to use than some that I've seen on other sites.

  fitshase 22:44 04 Jan 2007


I also got the link through the optimisation site. My comments are:-

(1) clean site with quick links
(2) consistant throughout with layout
(3) it works!
(4) images are clean and professional
(5) easy to use the site - simple choices.

(1) from a customer point of view I would be put off with the only contact being e-mail or mobile phone number.
(2) would it not be best to have a link to FAQ on the top instead of on each page in the text?
(3) the font (for me) is a little hard to read.
(4) the font on the offers page is of different sizes
(5) I would agree with LeadingMNMs' comments about the order button.
(6) When you create your own system, the note on the bottom is, "Quotes are for estimate only. Terms apply." There is no indication/link of/to the terms.
(7) I'm (personally) not a fan of "testimonials" on a website as they don't really have any merit and could be just the creation of the web designer.

These are just my observations from a personal perspective.

I hope this helps.

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