Can I have two wired connections?

  IeatMelons 00:15 17 Nov 2015

Basically was wanting to know how would I go about having two laptops connected to my modem by wired. My laptop lags a bit from time to time being on the WiFi so I would love a direct connection, my friend uses the one direct connection he has downstairs but i was just wondering what cord I need to connect my laptop to the modem as well so we both can be connected directly to the modem

  lotvic 00:50 17 Nov 2015

Yes you can if the router has additional ports Lan1, Lan2 on it to use another Ethernet Cable (same type of cable as he uses) if the router is within reach of a cable. If not then you will need to use Home Plugs and two Ethernet cables, (one from the router to the 1st home plug and another Ethernet cable from the 2nd home plug to your laptop) click here

  RISC OS user 11:13 17 Nov 2015

I would always try to have a direct LAN connection, I find that the power line route is quite slow. I know it can be difficult to conceal the cable but the results are worth the effort and the cost of cable is far better than the power line adaptors, and making up the Cat5e cable plugs is really quite easy and the tools are very cheap. Also made up Cat5e cable are also cheap and work well. Good luck with which ever route you take. See this link click here

  spuds 12:17 17 Nov 2015

"what cord I need to connect my laptop to the modem as well so we both can be connected directly to the modem"

Have a look on eBay, where you will find various lengths of ready made cable to suit your needs. Here's a selection to choose from click here

  RISC OS user 12:28 17 Nov 2015

Do you have a router or a Modem, if it's a router they usually come with 4 RJ45 sockets so you need Cat5e cable with RJ45 ends which plug into the router and the laptop, it's as easy as that.

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