PC_HelpMe 13:56 07 May 2008

Hi all,

My modem packed in and so I got sent a ROUTER instead. Having no clue what the difference there is between the 2 - except that the modem came under "Dial Up" and the router under "LAN" settings, can I now connect my laptop up to the internet and use that at the same time as my hubby uses the internet on our computer?

  DJ Techz 15:28 07 May 2008

Yes, just plug ethernet cables into your computer and laptop then plug the other ends into the router

  Pineman100 16:00 07 May 2008

My wife has a laptop and I have a desktop. We both connect to the internet wirelessly through the same router (although this would work equally well if one or both of us connected to the router by ethernet cables).

Just be aware that if both of you are on the internet at the same time, you'll probably experience some slowdown of your connection, as you're sharing the same bandwidth.

  wee eddie 16:54 07 May 2008

My Router has an Ethernet Port and an USB Port.

Both my PC and the Laptop have an (just 1) Ethernet Port and plenty of USBs

So the PC connects to the Router via the Ethernet Port and the Laptop connects to the Router by an USB Port. The PC and the Laptop are also Networked through the Router as well.

  Forum Editor 19:14 07 May 2008

and your laptop has a wireless network adapter (it will have one if you bought it within the last couple of years) you don't need to plug it into anything - you'll be able to use the internet anywhere in the house.

It's very unlikely that you'll notice any difference in speed when both of you are using the internet, unless one of you is downloading a big file of some sort.

If your router is a wireless one you should follow the makers' instructions regarding security - you don't want to find that half the neighbourhood is also using your router, you would certainly notice the speed difference if that was the case.

  PC_HelpMe 10:45 08 May 2008

Hi all - and thanks for your replies.

My router is NOT a wireless one - and I don't think it has a USB socket on it. It is a Thomson Speedtouch ST-150 (if that means anything to anyone).

  wee eddie 10:59 08 May 2008

Can you check the Name

  PC_HelpMe 11:31 08 May 2008

Sorry - but I am also having trouble finding anything about it - even when I just put Speedtouch ST-150.

If I do find anything for it, I'll post a link on here.

  ambra4 11:31 08 May 2008

“It is a Thomson Speedtouch ST-150”

You sure it a Speedtouch ST-150 or a Speedtouch ST-510 Router as unable to locate a

ST-150 via the Internet

If a 510 Yes you can use have multi computer connected but only hard wire to the LAN

card on the computers

Is this the unit click here

  PC_HelpMe 11:32 08 May 2008

I've just found the website for it:-

click here

  PC_HelpMe 11:42 08 May 2008

ambra4 - yes, that is the one!

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