can i have 2 email clients?

  agent 47 17:39 08 Nov 2005

i just want to know if i can use, one email address with my tiscali on the net and also the same email address with outlook express.
so i just use 1 email address!
and if so, will there be a conflict between the two?
thanks, agent 47!

  Stuartli 17:43 08 Nov 2005

Mot quite sure what you mean.

If you use Tiscali as your ISP and Outlook Express is configured to collect your e-mails, then the alternative is via My Account from Tiscali's home page (web mail).

You can either collect it this way or read it and get it later using OE.

  johnnyrocker 17:44 08 Nov 2005

no its the way most people do it.


  octal 17:45 08 Nov 2005

I have several email addresses and I can either use them through my email client, in my case Thunderbird or on the web. So the answer is yes.

By the way, it remains the same address, its just one way you access via Outlook, the other way via the web, it doesn't matter.

  PaulB2005 17:51 08 Nov 2005

Yes you can access your e-mail via the Tiscali website and via Outlook Express. However any mail you download into OE will disappear from the Tiscali website.

  agent 47 17:53 08 Nov 2005

its just that my outlook express takes all of my emails out of my tiscali on the net?
and sometimes when im waiting for an important email -outlook says -something about another client is trying to access the email?

  palinka 19:38 08 Nov 2005

Basically Yes, you can have as many as you like. I have 2 - one with pipex, and one with tiscali.
When you install several ISP's on your computer you collect the mail from each of them separately. You can't get emails addressed to you at Tiscali while you are getting logged into OE for Pipex mails.
So, basically, in Outlook Express I dial up the pipex number and collect the pipex mails; then disconnect and dial tiscali to collect Tiscali mails.
BUT OF COURSE I DON'T ACTUALLY DO THAT! In reality in OE I dial up one of them (let's say Pipex)and collect my emails there in OE, THEN in Internet Explorer, go to the Tiscali web site and collect the tiscali mails there as Webmail .

  Stuartli 19:45 08 Nov 2005

That's a bit of a complicated route..:-)

If you go to OE's Accounts, highlight each mail account in turn, open its Properties and then the Connection tab and use the menu to specify to Always Collect Mail Using XXXXX

You choose your default ISP and all your mail will be collected in one fell swoop.

  jack 19:58 08 Nov 2005

You know I have a sneaky suspicion that agent 47 is perhaps phrasing the question some what ambigoulsy -pers because the language is not fully understood by him/her
So we seem to have a range of ansers which appear to be complete confusion.
Am I right?

  agent 47 20:22 08 Nov 2005

is there any way of stopping microsoft office outlook from pinching my tiscali emails?
im sorry for any confusion,
its not outlook express its microsoft office outlook.
thanks, agent 47!

  sharkfin 20:30 08 Nov 2005

Open Outlook, Go to TOOLS > EMAIL ACCOUNTS... > select VIEW OR CHANGE EXISTING EMAIL ACCOUNTS then click NEXT > select the email account you want to modify and click CHANGE > click on MORE SETTINGS > ADVANCED TAB > Tick the checkbox LEAVE A COPY OF MESSAGES ON THE SERVER. FINISHED.

Hope this helps. Now whenever outlook downloads emails, it wont delete the messages from your server.

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