Can i get win 98 re-registered?

  keith-236785 05:23 02 May 2004


I am wanting to sell my old version of windows98SE, i now use winXP Pro, i have NOT upgraded to winXP it was a full format/install of XP.

the windows98 is registered in my name.

Question is, the person wanting to buy win98 wants to be able to re-register in their name, Anyone know if this is possible?.

i know they can install it ok because it has comletely been removed from my pc.

its just the registration issue.

thanks in advance

  hugh-265156 05:29 02 May 2004

wont be a problem if its a full copy of 98 and you are no longer using it.

its not like xp requiring activation.even then that only takes a quick phone call in the worst case senario,the new user should be able to re register 98 ok is my guess if they want to.i dont even think its nesessary though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:21 02 May 2004

There is no need to register W98 ;-))


  Diemmess 10:32 02 May 2004

In practical terms Windows 98 can be installed over and over again from the purchased CD.

In a perfect and legal world where no one would think of installing software for which they had no license, all that is needed is to have the Installation CD and the Key Number which is printed with the CD. Personal details are recorded as the installation procedes.

As GANDALF <|:-)> says registration is not required. It once was, but only then if you wanted telephone help.

  keith-236785 19:46 04 May 2004

Thanks for your input people, however the buyer needs to be absolutely sure about this issue, is there a way of finding out, i have been on but can't seem to find the right info.

the buyer says to check the EULA, but my computer has winXP and wont allow me to start the install to view the EULA.

anyone else got something to offer please

  woodchip 19:56 04 May 2004

Is out of date as far as MS is concerned, So why bother there would not be any benefits in registering

  poogles_uk 19:59 04 May 2004

They wouldnt care if you copied it and gave it too every person in africa

  keith-236785 20:11 04 May 2004

Thanks, will let it run a bit longer maybe the FE will have something to say on this one if he has time. not a demand, but i know he has been in talks with Micro$oft a while ago.

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