Can I get upside down text in Excel?

  John B 16:34 09 Jul 2005

I'm trying to print out place names for a dining table, printing on both sides of the card. The text to be printed on the second side of the card must be upside-down in Excel for the correct result to be achieved. (I can't get around this by turning the paper around to a different orientation)

So does anyone know if this can (or can't) be done please?



  VoG II 16:52 09 Jul 2005

The only way that I know of doing this is to write the text somewhere else then use Excel's Camera.

The Camera toolbar button is not present by default. To get it, Tools| Customize, click on Tools in the left hand pane then scroll down in the right hand pane to find it. Left click on the Camera and drag it onto a toolbar.

Next, select the cell containing the text and click the Camera button. Navigate to where you want to display the upside down text, left click and draw out an area for display (just like adding a Rectangle drawing object). Click on the green handle on the top of the displayed camera image and drag it round to invert the text.

  pauldonovan 16:54 09 Jul 2005

..isn't it easier to do this in desktop publishing software or even MS Word?

OK if it needs to be excel, how about using text boxes rather than typing directly into cells?

If you don't have the 'drawing' toolbar on, go to View, Toolbars, and switch drawing on. It will probably appear at the bottom.

Look for the text box icon - looksl like a page of writing with a big 'A' in it.

Drag on the spreadsheet to create a textbox.

Click in it and type your text.

Click on the text box, then right-click on the edge of the text box and select 'Format Text Box"

Go to Alignment and you can see you can choose alignments that are not 'normal'. There are two that actually oppose eachother so you can use those and you'll end up with text going up and down a page which you can then print !

You got powerpoint/word? Might be a bit easier in those!

  pauldonovan 16:58 09 Jul 2005

thanks - I didn't know that thing existed...can't see the green handles for inverting though - what version of Excel you using?

  Taff36 17:00 09 Jul 2005

In Cell A1 and B2 type the name. In A1 go to Format>Cell and in orientation on the right rotate it 90 degrees (one way) Now go to B1 and rotate it the other way.

  Carpigiani 17:02 09 Jul 2005

Another way would be to do your text using WordArt, drag the text to the Excel cell & then use WordArts rotation tool.

  Taff36 17:02 09 Jul 2005

Excel 2002 by the way! Vog will tell you if it works in previous versions!

  John B 17:02 09 Jul 2005

I can't find the option you mention (Excel 2002). In tools/customise I see Toolbars Commands Options. In the Toolbars menu there is no mention of Camera (the help assistant can't tell me about Camerea either).

Any thoughts please?


  VoG II 17:04 09 Jul 2005

Excel 2003.

You may need to click the image for the handle to appear. It will be the one sticking out from the top of the image.

  Taff36 17:05 09 Jul 2005

Oh! In my haste I forgot - set both horizontal and vertical spacing to "Center" in the drop down boxes. And before you ask VoG it`s about the only thing I can`t do in Word that Excel makes simpler in Desktop Publishing terms of course!

  pauldonovan 17:06 09 Jul 2005

Damn..there was me telling you about orientation in text boxes and taff had the solution for cells all along - much better to do it taff's way than mine.

RE: Vog's suggestion - I had trouble at first too (Excel 2000). You need the 'Commands' menu not the toolbars menu. It is under Tools in the command menu.

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