Can I Get Rid Of Spam Without Canging My Address?

  swanson2 16:31 09 Feb 2004


I have recently (about three weeks ago) started receiving over 50 Spam e-mails a day.

I have never had a problem before and only used to get a handful of Spam a week.

I have installed Mailwasher and it is very good at identifying/bouncing/deleting and blacklisting the Spam e-mails, but I am a bit concerned that my blacklist folder already holds over 700 addresses.

Does anyone know the limit of no of addresses that can be held in the Mailwasher "Blacklist" folder and is there any better way of getting this Spam stopped short of changing my e-mail address which I would rather not do?


Bob S

  Cook2 16:38 09 Feb 2004

This may be worth a try H:\Program Files\Eliminate Spam!\Help\Readme.htm

  Cook2 16:40 09 Feb 2004

Doh. type in your search

  mdshamilton 16:42 09 Feb 2004

Whom do you use as an email provider? Hotmail and Yahoo mail both provide varying levels of spam protection that you enable via logging into your account on their sites - this would reduce the level of spam you end up downloading.

Alternatively, try Norton Internet Security 4.0 which, when it updates the virus and firewall files also updates a file of spam addresses automatically.

  swanson2 16:51 09 Feb 2004

I use Freeserve Broadband and Norton Firewall/AV 2003.

I find that Mailwasher identifies 95% of the Spam OK but just wondered how many Spam addresses can be added to the blacklist file?

I gather that it is impossible to trace these stupid spammers and suspect that bouncing the Spam won't make much difference?

Is there any point in contacting my ISP?

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