Can I Force screen saver?

  AngeTheHippy 10:59 08 Mar 2007

Morning Chaps, I'm currently listening to a broadcast via PC. My surround speakers died a while back, and I rely on the speakers built into my LCD screen. Just encountered though, that even though I minimise browser and media player, the screen saver doesn't activate, meaning my desktop visible on screenm. Not good me thinks, a static screen on an LCD display! If there is something I've missed regarding the screensaver, please can someone tell me how to activate it?

Thanks a lot,


  interzone55 11:16 08 Mar 2007

When WMP is active the screen saver will not kick in, this is to stop it interrupting DVD playback.

You need to go to Tools / Options / Player then select "Allow Screen saver during Playback" (this is for WMP 11, but I think it also applies to 9 & 10)

  Diemmess 11:23 08 Mar 2007

I wouldn't worry about it.

Screen savers date from the earliest CRTs which could burn if left showing a very bright image.
That possibility disappeared from domestic TV way back in history at about the time ITV appeared. I see no reason why PC monitors should be vulnerable.

  AngeTheHippy 11:24 08 Mar 2007

well thanks very much, this has worked a treat!

Enjoy ya Thursday.


  Belatucadrus 11:45 08 Mar 2007

While LCD screens have no phosphor coat to Burn, they aren't entirely free of the issue as they can suffer from "temporary image persistence", while technically different, the effect is much the same and in some cases has proved to be not that temporary, so don't discard the screen-saver just yet.
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  [email protected] 12:00 08 Mar 2007

all the monitors at my offices are 19" tft are on 24 hours a day, all of them have our system 'burnt' into the display, we have had the current ones since last semptember, but as i say these are on 24/7

  interzone55 12:58 09 Mar 2007

You only need to look at the screen of an ATM to see that "screen burn" is still an issue

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