Can I Fix My Computer Screen?

  chrly 20:02 27 Jun 2011

I'm having trouble with my monitor, I've had a long time and it used to be on my brothers really old computer before he "Re-vamped" it a little and got a new screen, so when my screen broke I used his old one.

The screen works fine and everything it's just that no matter what I've tried with the built-in display settings (Contrast/brightness etc) I can't get it perfect, everything is displayed slightly pink and a fair bit darker than every other monitor.

Rather than buying a new monitor, is there any way to fix it? Someone said something about "Screen Refreshers" but I don't know too much about computers.

Hope you can help! Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 20:10 27 Jun 2011

If its a Old Crt then the colour guns will be on there way out

  mgmcc 20:49 27 Jun 2011

If it is an old CRT monitor (i.e. not an LCD flat screen), there may be an option in its controls to "degauss" it. This removes unwanted magnetic fields that have built up and which could be contributing to the pink colour cast.

However, it might simply be past its "sell by" date.

  Diemmess 13:49 28 Jun 2011

Bear in mind the monitor is past its expected life as woodchip says.

Repair as in the early days of TV will cost far more than replacement even if you could find someone to do it.

mgmcc mentions degaussing, there I think it might be the answer for a distorted image or patchyness, but don't think it will solve your problem though try it if you can.

The signal lead to the monitor just might be faulty, and if you can try your monitor on someone elses PC and swop cables as well in stages if you can.... then if you are very very lucky..... it might be the cable!

  woodchip 14:26 28 Jun 2011

Its not a degaussing problem, the Colour Guns can be refreshed using High Voltages but doubt any body doing it now plus they would not last long, as its only a temporary measure

  amonra 15:35 28 Jun 2011

Try your local "Freecycle", there are usually a load of CRT monitors going spare.

  wee eddie 16:46 28 Jun 2011

Worth a try: Check the refresh Rate.

If you are moving from a LCD, or TFT, to a CRT, be aware that each uses a different light source and this will result in different intensities of emission of light and colour.

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