Can I easily upgrade laptop's wi-fi adaptor?

  Pineman100 17:48 22 Oct 2012

I've found an Acer Aspire V5 laptop that I'm interested in buying. Its spec. seems to cover everything I need, with one exception - the wi-fi spec is listed as 802.11b/g. I want 802.11n.

I have fitted a new hard drive and memory to a laptop in the past, but I have no idea whether it is equally simple to fit an improved wi-fi adaptor. Is this straightfoward? Any idea what the adaptor would cost me?

Many thanks for any advice.

  difarn 18:02 22 Oct 2012

You may find this article interesting - the cost will depend on the type of adaptor you need to buy but I don't think that this will be prohibitive.

  onthelimit1 18:17 22 Oct 2012

Changing a wireless adaptor is simple (except some only have one antenna socket). An option is to use a dongle. I've bought a number of Edimax from Amazon recently - 8 quid and very good connections. Can't add a link at the moment, as the website won't let me!

  onthelimit1 18:23 22 Oct 2012

Ah, the ability has returned!

Edimax dongle here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 22 Oct 2012

Card may or may not be easy to change but it is far easier to use a usb wifi dongle .

  Pineman100 19:35 22 Oct 2012

That's all very useful information - thank you.

A couple of further questions, if I may, about using a dongle:

(1) I notice that the Edimax dongle has no visible antenna, so I assume the antenna is internal. So it must be very small. Does this limit the range of wi-fi reception?

(2) Obviously a dongle will occupy a USB port. In order to get maximum speed of wi-fe reception, does this have to be a USB3 port? And if it can't have its own dedicated port, would its use in a hub reduce wi-fi speed?

Many thanks again.

  onthelimit1 20:11 22 Oct 2012

USB2 is fine, and I've found the range to be really very good - i was staggered the first time I used one, and have supplied many more with good results.

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