Can i duplicate my site and link to domains

  jamjam23 15:51 20 Mar 2014


I have a website set up through with a domain name linked to it...I have also bought several other domains which are hosted by a company and they did duplicates of my website and linked all the traffic back to my main site.

Is it possible to do this myself as they are charging a fortune to do this.

I have looked on wix and you can only link 3 domains but I have 7 in total, although I am looking to sell 2 but that would still leave me with 5 which is 2 more than wix will allow me to link.

I am wondering if there is a free way of duplicating my site and linking the other domains to these and cutting this other business out of the equation and save myself the extortionate hosting charges they are charging.


  Batch 17:53 20 Mar 2014

Not entirely sure what your set-up is - sounds unnecessarily complicated.

I have a domain (let's call it registered thru

I have the website hosted on a free hosting service ( using a free domain from them like

Thru easyspace's service I can set it up to redirect anyone using to Easypace charge me about £9.50 p.a. which also includes a small number of email addresess (it might be 5) using the domain (I only use one of the email addresses so not sure how many they actually allow.

Just to be clear the domain names above aren't the real ones, they are just for illustration.

  Forum Editor 18:15 20 Mar 2014

I agree with Batch - your setup does sound over-complicated. Why would you want a copy of one website on 7 different domain names? I can see absolutely no advantage to it.

Far better to work with one site on one domain name, and concentrate on building the traffic. If you are selling goods or services via the site you'll need to develop as many inbound links from other sites as possible, and there are various ways of doing it.

This isn't the place for a protracted class in internet marketing techniques, but if you want to delve further into the subject I suggest that you start a new thread in our WebDesign help forum. I'll be happy to give what assistance I can, as I am sure will others.

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