Can I delete these files safely?

  Red Devil 00:46 22 Feb 2005


I'm trying to clean up my hard drive from all the rubbish that has accumulated over the years and I've noticed that I have several versions of Java runtime installed - all taking up 130Mb.

Can I safely delete all bar the latest version or is there a need for all these versions to be installed?


  Dan the Confused 01:08 22 Feb 2005

You can safely remove all previous versions.

  Jackcoms 07:12 22 Feb 2005

And use this to give your system a good clean up click here

You can safely delete all that it finds.

  Andsome 08:23 22 Feb 2005

I fully endorse the use of Crap Cleaner from the link above. HOWEVER be aware that it will delete all cookies unless you save them first. Before using it for the first time, open the program with a double click. Then click on OPTIONS followed by a click on COOKIES. Cookies from websites where you need to log in such as PCA, should be dragged and dropped from the left window into the right window. This will save them from being deleted in future. If you follow this link, there is an excellent guide on Crap Cleaner. I repeat this is an excellent program, and I run it every day, it takes about thirty seconds.

click here

  sattman 11:15 22 Feb 2005

I try to not delete any files unless I am absolutely sure that they are not required. Much safer to use the uninstall from the programme itself the add/remove option

If in doubt rename and see if any problems arise.

Any thing left over clean using one of the recommended clean programmes and possibly a reg cleaner.

The main problem with deleting files is that some files especially dll files can be shared with a programme that is to remain in use

I am sure that you have seen the option message come up when you have installed software, "this file is shared"

  sattman 11:17 22 Feb 2005

should read "uninstalled"

I am sure that you have seen the option message come up when you have "installed" software, "this file is shared"

  Andsome 14:07 22 Feb 2005

Crap Cleaner is perfectly safe, and will not remove anything which it should not. Much of what it removes is rubbish left over after being on line. I have not heard any report of problems with this program.

  Buchan 35 14:43 22 Feb 2005

As Jackcoms says use CCleaner but I`d suggest checking for the latest update (1.17.090) before running it

  Lettervanman 15:07 22 Feb 2005

This morning I clicked the link in Andsome post and started to read the very good guide to Ccleaner.Tried to go to site later,and no go.
Any Ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:43 22 Feb 2005
  Lettervanman 16:06 22 Feb 2005

I found this useful,but the other link gave an in depth explanation of each option.

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